AI Driven Solutions for Retail Industry


Did you know that the companies that wait to adopt AI for business transformation may never catch up with early adopters? Read this whitepaper to learn how businesses can be transformed using artificial intelligence to achieve better profits and operational efficiency.
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According to a Statista research report, 49% cost savings and a 44% increase in productivity can be attained by using AI solutions for retail business worldwide. Benefits offered by AI in the retail sector further extend to increased revenue and more informed business decision making.


24*7 Retail Efficiency Analyst

Retailers can reap huge benefits with computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to enable real-time video analytics for surveillance, customer tracking and to generate emotion based business insights from analyzing crowds in the facility.

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AI powered Robotic Process Automation

AI in RPA is a great choice for retailers to streamline processes and improve performance and reduce costs considerably. With the right guidance, any high-volume, low value process oriented task can be automated with ease. Read more to learn how to get started.

More Efficient inventory and logistics management using AI

Machine learning can help in implementing a system that reduces human effort in compiling and interpreting various aspects of inventory and logistics management. When implemented in a retail business, this can simplify every process to generate higher profit margins and cost savings.

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Enhancing Sales Strategy using AI-powered In-Store Sales Analytics

AI in retail can create a customer experience that is far more well-rounded and personal. It can revolutionize the retail industry with in-store digital sales concierges, AI conversational tools and more

AI for Effective Customer Retention

Every day you are open for business is another day you think about how you can keep your customers interested in your products. While the quality of the products is a factor, customers value their shopping experience even more. An AI-enabled customer retention system can do wonders for your business in this scenario.

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Reinvent your retail business with Accubits Retail Intelligence Suite. Reimagine consumer engagements, enhance store processes with automation, optimize your customer retention and grow 10X faster with AI-assisted retail intelligence. Revolutionize your business with Accubits Blockchain. From smarter financial transactions to more secure business processes, Blockchain technology is hailed to transform the retail sector for good.

Artificial Intelligence, ML

Enhance retail customer experiences and business strategies with data-driven decisions powered by Accubits Retail Intelligence Suite

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Blockchain, DLT

Enhance your retail business with the tangible benefits and competitive edge offered by blockchain technology.

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Enterprise Solutions

Our customized enterprise mobility solutions can play a pivotal role in critical business decision making, ensuring enhanced business performance


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Read more about how artificial intelligence is transforming the retail industry. The landscape of the business world changes every day. With every new business offering better products and solutions, the competition is getting tougher and only the fittest and smartest can survive. By the time a late adopter completes system development, integration, interaction learning, and AI application governance, early adopters will have taken up a considerable market share and will be operating at substantially lower costs with enhanced performance.

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many technologies that were once thought of as “ahead of its time” or “impractical” are now gaining traction and one of those technologies is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

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A critical factor that indicates the performance of any business is its bounce rate.  Higher bounce rate means lesser sales opportunities for the business. Even though there are several reasons that can result in a high bounce rate, the most prominent one is the unavailability of quick information about the business

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RPA is a software that copies human behavior or actions, whereas AI is a broad term where a machine simulates human intelligence such as sensing things, making deductions and communication. The keywords here are – actions vs. intelligence. This article should help you confidently differentiate between RPA and AI particularly in the context of automation.

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Read more white papers, research reports and resources about how artificial intelligence is transforming the retail industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve problems across the board. It can help a business increase sales, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis etc. From conversational tools to driverless cars, AI in various shapes and forms is transforming industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve problems across the board. It can help a business increase sales, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis, etc. From conversational tools to driverless cars...

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Company A is a prominent exhibition organizer based in Dubai, having several exhibition venues throughout the country. The company helps other businesses and organizations to host exhibitions, conferences, and other events. By facilitating the...


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In-store AI conversational tools are the perfect customer support option for in-store sales. The solution we built for our client is a kiosk-based, in-store conversational tool. Customers to the store can interact with the device to seek information about...

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