Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Accubits enterprise blockchain platform delivering enhanced docker security with hyperledger technology

Adopt our enterprise blockchain platform to make life easier for your business through the use of blockchain applications built on unique blockchain networks. Accubits enterprise blockchain platform has an implementation rate of over 25% for industries from banking to the healthcare. In a way the adaptability and innovativeness of blockchain applications are revolutionizing the entire business perspectives. The most widely used practical implementation is in cryptocurrencies and digital identity management. Blockchain networks ability to handle secure business transactions is unparalleled in every industry.

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Accubits enterprise blockchain platform is powered by hyperledger fabric blockchain technology. Our enterprise blockchain platform allows to create unique blockchain networks without relying on the traditional servers. Many business all over the globe are delivered higher business control and productivity through Accubits enterprise blockchain platform. Our blockchain networks are designed and battle-tested to run on all multiple cloud platforms and on-premises. Hyperledger fabric offers extra security, so as a whole it uses dockers to run different roles like Peer, Database/Ledger and Orderer. Through the use of dockers in the enterprise blockchain platform, easy deployment on different infrastructures and environments are made possible. A docker acts as a virtual machine and functions quite similar to that of a holistic operating system. Thus, hyperledger fabric allow to significantly reduce the size of applications & improve system performance. Our enterprise blockchain platform delivers better portability, flexibility, environment standardization and improved version control. Our team develops innovative breakthrough application level solutions through a combination of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, IOT and data analytic tools. The market share of the blockchain technology was $400 million in 2017, but now it currently runs over $500 million and it is expected to grow to over $25 billion by 2024. At present more than 65% of banks are experimenting on blockchain technology, over 85% of the North American and European banks are at present investing in blockchain application development solutions to make their services transparent, seamless & secure. Our blockchain application development operations are handled from our development offices located at India and UAE. Because of the seamless functionality & usability of our blockchain solutions in the industry, we are frequently coined as one of the best enterprise blockchain platform used by the top fortune 500 companies. We have over 8 years of expertise in the field of blockchain development which allows us to offer solutions in custom DApps and smart contracts, crypto token and exchange development, integrated blockchain services and enterprise blockchain platforms. We have successfully delivered more than 500 projects to over 200+ clients all over the globe. Our expert team of blockchain professionals had worked with over 75+ industries ranging from healthcare to the retail industry.

Enterprise grade custom dApps

We help businesses in multiple industry domains to create new business models with smarter and more secure DApps built on top of blockchain technology.

Smart contracts development

We can help you to facilitate complex business and financial processes between counterparties without a need to centralize trust with smart contracts.

ICO platform

Planning to run an ICO campaign? We can help you successfully conduct your ICO campaign with a seamless token sale and token distribution experience.

Crypto token development

Enable your business with more secure and transparent process flow.The transparency and immutability of the crypto tokens help a business to quickly gain trust in the market.

Crypto asset exchange development

Enable your business with cryptocurrency transactions using most of the prominent cryptocurrencies or with custom cryptocurrency tokens.

Integrated blockchain services

We can help you drive new transformational changes in your existing technology infrastructure with blockchain protocols and core APIs.