Our Focus

100% Accuracy

With help of human agents to validate results, Hybrid AI system can generate 100% accurate results.

Preset Training Data

Get started with AI services even if you do not have enough data using our predefined training data available across several domains.

Real Time Agent Notification

System notifies human agents in real time for instances of uncertainty. System learns the agent validation results to provide accurate results.


Our Solutions

intelligent conversational tools

Intelligent Conversational Tools

Intelligent Conversational tools powered with hybrid AI can help to provide most robust conversation experience to a user. Every AI conversational tool has a limit upto which it can understand the natural language spoken by the user. Such tool will break if the user says more complicated queries. At instances of uncertainty, Hybrid AI can notify a human agent to engage the user. By analyzing agent’s responses, studying previous logs of successfully closed customer queries and other vital consumer parameters, hybrid conversational tools offer a contextually sensitive answering service to customers without a break point.


preventive health care services

Preventive Health Care Services

From genetic disorder prediction to Bioinformatics , hybrid AI can provide accurate and reliable results. Breast cancer prediction, liver disorder prediction, diabetics classification, kidney disorder prediction and many more similar API services can predict the health condition of a test candidate with an accuracy of more than 90 percentage.


robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation

The reliability of hybrid AI makes it a best fit to be used for automating processes in multiple sectors from retail to banking. Signature forgery detection API service which automates cheque validation process for banks, Employee happiness prediction API service which automates employee appraisal programs in companies are a couple of examples of how hybrid AI can leverage in robotic process automation.