ICO Development Company

ICO Development Company

Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions provider Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain dev house.

Your quest to find an ICO development company ends here!

Accubits is a blockchain and ICO development company based in Washington DC, US with its development offices in India and Dubai. We can help you to launch your ICO up and running in 2 days. Our product, Coinfactory - is a battle-tested, self-hosted, super-scalable, compliant and ultra-secure ICO platform for your next big ICO. It has hosted more than ten ICOs, including one of the fastest ICO in the world - aXpire (raised $20 million over 3 days). The platform has helped its clients to raise over $120 Million USD in total. The platform is packed with all the features you would need to successfully conduct your token sale and distribution. All features you need with full customization capabilities and all packed in packages affordable to you. Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions and development company delivering solutions ever since 2012, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain dev house in the market. Accubits is featured as one among the top 13 Blockchain companies in India by INC42. Accubits's portfolio of Blockchain development includes custom DApps and smart contracts, crypto token and exchange development, integrated blockchain services and ICO platforms. Over the past 6 years, We have delivered more than 600 projects, for over 200 clients worldwide. Several of Fortune 500 companies in sectors from Retail to Health are being powered by our solutions to streamline and leverage their growth.

Enterprise grade custom dApps

We help businesses in multiple industry domains to create new business models with smarter and more secure DApps built on top of blockchain technology.

Smart contracts development

We can help you to facilitate complex business and financial processes between counterparties without a need to centralize trust with smart contracts.

ICO platform

Planning to run an ICO campaign? We can help you successfully conduct your ICO campaign with a seamless token sale and token distribution experience.

Crypto token development

Enable your business with more secure and transparent process flow.The transparency and immutability of the crypto tokens help a business to quickly gain trust in the market.

Crypto asset exchange development

Enable your business with cryptocurrency transactions using most of the prominent cryptocurrencies or with custom cryptocurrency tokens.

Integrated blockchain services

We can help you drive new transformational changes in your existing technology infrastructure with blockchain protocols and core APIs.