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The landscape of the business world changes every day. Artificial Intelligence can help a business increase sales, improve customer experience, automate work processes, provide predictive analysis, etc.


Cost savings and increased productivity

Artificial intelligence in the U.S. education sector is estimated to grow by almost 50% from 2017-2021 according to the Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector report.


Issue Fraud-proof Certificates

The dawn of blockchain technology may offer much-needed respite from this, promising to bury the devil of fake certification once and for all. Blockchain allows for an unalterable and incorruptible audit trail that is being leveraged not just for transactions but for certification as well. This technology brings in the most crucial element that of transparency in the entire certification program. The issuing authority issues the certificate and authenticates it with a private key.

AI Conversational Tools for Effective Student Engagement

Installing AI-powered conversational tools can help educational institutions to efficiently engage with students, faculties, etc. In addition, it assists them throughout the learning process. Conversational tools can be installed in the form of a kiosk or even a web app that students and faculties can access on their smartphones. students can interact with the tool and easily get the information they seek. The solution leverages on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies to facilitate life-like interactions with a user.

Real-time Video Analytics for Student Monitoring

Real-time video analytics can help educational institutions management to execute efficient academic operations. Real-time video analytics can facilitate a secure campus, prevent ragging and other anti-social activities, improve discipline, foolproof attendance system, efficient crowd management, facility Management etc.

real time video analytics for retail industry

Academic data Analytics

Educational institutions always collect data about their students. However, they do not leverage these data for informed decision making. Accubits AI suite makes it easier for you to find meaningful and intelligent insights from the data you have to drive informed decisions.

Engaging Incentives And Rewards

An effective way to implement students reward and incentives program is by using Blockchain-based reward programs. It can be built from the ground up or around existing programs, with the core focus being on catering to student needs of instant redemption of reward points acquired across programs on a single unified platform. Students can redeem the points to pay educational loans, course fee, etc.





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Artificial Intelligence, ML

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Enhance your business with the tangible benefits and competitive edge offered by blockchain technology.

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Our customized enterprise mobility solutions can play a pivotal role in critical business decision making, ensuring enhanced business performance

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Read more about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the education industry. The landscape of the business world changes every day. With every new business offering better products and solutions, the competition is getting tougher and only the fittest and smartest can survive. By the time a late adopter completes system development, integration, interaction learning, and AI application governance, early adopters will have taken up a considerable market share and will be operating at substantially lower costs with enhanced performance.

Blockchain technology brings in the most crucial element that of transparency in the entire certification program. The issuing authority issues the certificate and authenticates it with a private key. The certificate is then sent to the awardee...

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For our client, we built a blockchain based platform for the issuance and verification of certifications. The Blockchain based certification solution offers a tamper-proof infrastructure of trust to uphold the reputation of a certification.

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RPA is software that copies human behavior or actions, whereas AI is a broad term where a machine simulates human intelligence such as sensing things, making deductions and communicate. The keywords here are – actions vs intelligence. This article should help you confidently differentiate between RPA and AI particularly in the context of automation.

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