Reallocate time to what matters most with legal automation

Not just repetitive tasks. Bots can now adapt to cognitive functions. Yes, you heard it right. The robots can think and make a decision based on historical data. Meaning? Your attorneys and legal assistants can focus more on white-glove jobs rather than sorting things out.

Our Legal Automation Services

We offer the following Legal Automation services to help your process more efficient.

3D Spaces

Legal Document Automation

Logic based historic data analysis to generate new documents, generally contracts.

Metaverse Apps

Contract Management

Analysis of Key contract variables, including dates, signatory power, clauses, tenure and more.

Metaverse App Consulting

Due Diligence

Access public database and create key insights about persons/ firms and create on demand reports

Metaverse Marketplace

Compliance checks

The automated system can search thousands of documents swiftly and infer potential violations and risks related to compliance.

Smart Contracts

Tamper-free Smart contracts

With Blockchain powered smart contracting, create tamper-free and condition based smart contract to empower your law firm.

dApp Portability

Financial Automation

Manage accounts, taxes, create invoices, estimates and bills based on pre-defined automation rules with smart RPA.

Work smarter. Not harder. Get your valuable time back with Legal Automation.

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Hundreds of technology startups, Federal agencies, and Fortune 500 businesses have trusted us with their software development requirements.

united states postal service
Homeland Security
Smart Dubai
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
Ministry of Health (MOH)
JP Morgan Chase and Co
Li and Fung

Why automation in Law firms are important?

Everything can be automated, from managing documents to building a good client relationship, enabling you to focus on high-value tasks.

Billing and Payments


Law firms collect only 71% of the work they perform. Automated payment management system can increase the numbers significantly.

Reduce unbillable hours


The lawyers can save upto 15 hours a week by eliminating manual and tedious legal documentation work, thereby increasing billable hours.



7% of the legal malpractices are due to missing or not knowing a deadline. A simple task which can be scheduled/ automated.

The Law is changing. Are you changing with it?

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