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Metaverse is the future of the internet. Businesses worldwide are prospecting the scope of the metaverse as it offers a brand new channel to engage and socialize with their customers and employees. According to Bloomberg, the metaverse is the next big technology trend, with an estimated $800 billion market opportunity. We help you embrace the metaverse technology. To be a changemaker, to lead the change in your industry.

Our Metaverse Services

As a leading metaverse development company, we offer end-to-end services to help you embrace the future of the internet. The key services we offer are,

Metaverse Conceptualization

Metaverse Conceptualization

We work with you to understand your ideas and convert those into elegant metaverse concepts. Metaverse technology consultation provides you with a better understanding of what is possible. The developed concepts can be converted into interactive presentations.

Metaverse PoC and Prototyping

Metaverse PoC and Prototyping

With our Metaverse PoC and prototyping services, you can get a gist of the actual product with minimal investments. The interactive prototypes are best for investor meetings and pitches. Want to see a few samples of the prototypes? Please drop us a word.

3D Modeling, Space Modeling

3D Modeling, Space Modeling

We offer sophisticated 3D modeling and sculpting services for metaverse space, environments, avatars, props, etc. We specialize in high-performance 3D modeling that offers the best visual experience to users with minimal hardware requirements.

VR development & Experience design

VR development & Experience design

We offer behavior modeling with VR development to convert your metaverse space into an immersive app to offer an out-of-the-world experience to its users. Reach out to us today to get the demo videos of the metaverse apps we developed.

Metaverse System Architecting

Metaverse System Architecting

We architect your Metaverse app to offer high performance, high scalability, state-of-the-art security, and rich visualizations. Your app can even have a web version so users without VR headsets can explore the app from their computers.

Metaverse App Development

Metaverse App Development

We offer Blockchain, NFT, AI, custom apps, and backend development to build a utility-rich and value-driven 3D digital space for your metaverse apps. Would you like to get a demo? Reach out to us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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Want to go-to-market faster and cheaper? Launch your Metaverse apps in a matter of days by customizing our white-label metaverse apps.

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Our Key Metaverse Solutions

We offer end-to-end metaverse development services. A few of our key Metaverse solutions as below.

metaverse nft marketplace

Metaverse Marketplaces and Digital Stores

We help you launch your marketplace or digital store in the metaverse. Offer a brand new experience to your customers by providing an immersive digital store. Users can walk around and explore different products showcased in the digital store. The marketplace can host NFT marketplaces, digital art exhibitions, game asset sales, media sales, and more. Marketplaces are integrated with multiple payment options, including crypto and fiat payments.

Metaverse Workspace & Meetings

Redefine the workplace, meeting rooms, and online conferences with Metaverse. Employees are provided a collaborative virtual experience via synchronized 3D spaces, data collaboration models, NFT-powered avatars, and much more. The immersive experience offers a gamified experience for people to engage in meetings, brainstorm ideas, casual meetups, and chit-chats.

  • Immersive Environment
  • Customizable 3D spaces
  • Collaborative Platform
  • NFT Incentives
  • Gamifications
  • Custom Games
Metaverse Workspace and Meetings
metaverse virtual events solution

Metaverse Virtual Events

The event industry is steadily progressing towards an era where hosted online events reach masses beyond geographic boundaries. Our virtual event solutions facilitate the hosting of feature-packed events that delight the audience with an integrated event experience via 3D immersive platforms, customizable avatars, NFT-powered registration and ticketing, live streaming, global networking, and audience engagement.

  • Metaverse Pass
  • Metaverse Ads
  • Immersive Event Arenas
  • NFT Incentives
  • Expo Booth Games
  • Metaverse Keynotes

Metaverse Games & Entertainments

Entice your customers with immersive Metaverse games. Metaverse games can offer a new experience for your customers. With gamified walkthroughs, users can be educated about your product or service offerings and keep them engaged. Reach out to us today to take a glimpse of the Metaverse game solutions we offer.

Metaverse Games and Entertainments
Metaverse Digital Twins

Metaverse Digital Twins

Create a digital twin of your products, collectibles, and offerings in the Metaverse. Branded digital twins of products can be issued in the Metaverse as an NFT. NFT digital twins offer proof of ownership and can be easily traded with other users in the ecosystem. Reach out to us today to take a glimpse of the Metaverse NFT solutions we offer.

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Accubits brought their full experience in this project and was able to improve the ideas we came up with by far.

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Jon Ratliff



Handling unexpected marketplace requirements, Accubits proactively offered suggestions.

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What is a metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual immersive digital environment where people may enter wearing AR/VR-equipped glasses and interact and communicate digitally using avatars in the virtual world. A metaverse is powered by 3D technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality.

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