Mobile Application Development Company in India

Interactive Mobile Application Development Company in India That Enhances Business Transformations

Accubits is one of the few mobile app development company in India, USA that delivers a completely innovative user experience to enhance business productivity with interactive customer experience. We reliably handles everything from mobile UI/UX wireframe design to development.

Most promising mobile app development company in India, USA with proven cross-platform mobile app development expertise over 8 years with professional analytical capabilities

Accubits Technologies is an award-winning mobile app development company headquartered at Vienna, Virginia, United States which offers app development services for Android, iOS and Windows apps. We help your business to perform 10X better by increasing their customer experience, enhancing business accessibility to customers, enhancing customer loyalty through mobile applications. We tailor apps that fit best for your business, be it a native or cross-platform mobile apps for multiple mobile OS. We deliver intuitive & easy to use mobile app user interface aimed to create business engagements. We are frequently coined as the one of the reliable and 100% output oriented mobile app development company in India, since 2012. Our core areas of expertise include Website Development, Mobile App development Solution Integration, Enterprise Solutions, Advanced Web Integration, Blockchain Development, AI development, Digital Interaction and Experiences. We focus on using the right technological expertise to wide range of industries from banking to healthcare sector. Our dedicated team of android and IOS mobile app development experts has successfully delivered over 200 projects all over the globe. Our team of experts are a perfect fit for businesses in need of reliable creative team. Studies show that the average number of mobile app downloads increase by 100 billion each year. The stat is evident from the fact that over the past 6 years, the number of people accessing the internet from their smartphone spiked to around 1.5 billion ( 42% rise in the number of users ). We develop client focused and economical mobile applications with in your budget. Connect directly to your clients to make your business operations smoother with the right mobile app development expertise. Invest in the right mobile app development technology to elevate your business heights. A highly functional mobile application keeps your data safe and connects multiple channels to your business. We develop mobile applications to make client life easier. Choose the best mobile application engagement model for your business through us. Now get your project estimation in just few stages of projects discussion.



Our dedicated team of engineers trained in Android app development, helps businesses to bring out the best mobile experiences on all Android powered devices for their consumers. From simple games to complex enterprise level applications, we have built some of the finest Android apps in the market today. Find the right resources, you need to develop engaging and personalized mobile apps to connect your business customer.


We have been credited for a number of iOS apps that have gained mass acceptance in international markets. It is a proven fact that as far as mobile apps are concerned from an international perspective, it is vital to have an iOS application because of wider acceptance for mobile devices from Apple. Our business partners have successfully utilized our skilled consultants in iOS application development to bring some of the world’s most finely crafted apps to users. We combine app metrics to that of scalable web resources to get better insights in your business.



Windows Apps are the 3rd most successful apps in the market after iOS and Android apps. In the current business scenario, over 62% of consumers in USA prefer to have windows app for their business. For businesses to capitalize on the growing mobile conscious consumers it is vital to have a touch point with them in all platforms and our engineers help you face this challenge with Windows-powered phones. Our long-standing engagement with Microsoft’s mobile technology frameworks helps us push the boundaries of native Windows mobile application development. We aim to develop simple and secure windows app to gather the right audience.


Increase Customer Engagement

Mobile apps are the best option to enhance your customer engagement, mobile apps can offer unique features that are more engaging than Web.

Build Brand Awareness

People engage with their mobile devices 24*7. Mobile apps are one of the best ways of accelerating your brand's visibility and awareness 

Encourage Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps facilitate a great way to personalize the engagement, incentivize and reward your customer and thereby add value to the engagement. 

Enhanced Accessibility

For a customer, using a mobile app is far more convenient than using a. web app or walking into a store. Mobile apps make a business more accessible to its customers.

Enhanced Customer Service

The easily accessible and intuitive designs of mobile apps make it the ideal customer service channel that can significantly improve the customer experience. 

Remain Competitive

Launching a mobile application is a definite way of staying competitive. Without a mobile app, a business would miss out with many significant opportunities.



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