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25% discount

About Indywise

IndyWise is a next-gen mentoring-driven upskilling platform for industry talent, interns, and students. We enable businesses to grow faster and stronger. The programs are fully personalized, customized, and live. We pair every individual with a dedicated mentor. They get a friendly hand to help them through their journey with live sessions, unlimited mentoring, courses recommendations, and much more.

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Partner program avails various offers and discounts to its partners. Indywise offer our partners with

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One-stop learning solution for Enterprises, Small businesses, and startups

About the platform

The platform offers upskilling evolution through weekly assessments on set KPIs and IndyWise competency frameworks. Through our mentoring upskilling programs, mentees can unlock their hidden potential, allowing them to be their best with increased focus, drive, and a greater sense of direction and purpose. We are continuously attracting quality mentors to its thriving platform, who want to make an impact through their expertise and leave a legacy of knowledge transfer behind.

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