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Accubits is one of the trustworthy product development companies in the USA with skilled software developers who solve unique business challenges with innovative solutions built to solve complex market challenges.


Your search for one of the leading product development companies in USA ends here! Accubits is well known for its world-class software solutions that drive innovation in the current digital era. We deliver unmatched solution performance through enhanced software capabilities without the need to directly hire software developers to meet cross-industry needs. We take pride in our ability to provide technology that can work and evolve with businesses around the world. Our team of experienced software developers provide reliable and flexible strategies that are suited to remote projects. Their timely delivery of solutions can emulate your own dedicated in-house team of developers. We are well-versed with the latest technology in the market and can provide you with enterprise solutions that match all your requirements. We are trusted by many leading federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and business startups all around the world. From UI/UX design and concept actualization to web and mobile app development, we cater to your every need.

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Unrivaled Quality

Our adaptive team effort allows us to quickly deliver unrivaled quality with each single project by making use of our competency and skills to extend the customer journey across the enterprise.

Affordable Price

With development offices at multiple locations around the globe, we are able to deliver inventive, engaging and dedicated enterprise business solutions at the best possible price. Immediately hire skilled resources at affordable price at maximum quality and level of expertise.

End to End Business Solutions

Accubits fuses its innovative, agile, and tested software methodologies with creative design thinking to deliver a customer-centric approach throughout each stage of a product development life-cycle.

Product development

Get quality product development solutions from our dedicated outsource team of software developers who build tailor-made solutions that cater to each of your unique business needs. We offer adaptive product development services in web, mobility applications, custom software designs, wearable device solutions, kiosk apps, AI and Blockchain development services, data analytics and much more.


Web development

We conceptualize, design, develop and build intuitive websites and web applications that increase customer engagement by delivering a great user experience.

Front-end development

Benefit from our full-stack front-end development expertise to create interactive UI, customer-centric, web & mobility enterprise business solutions with guaranteed content clarity and usability. We also make sure that our front-end development services integrate all the requirements of our clients by providing accessibility across multiple web platforms.


UX/UI design

With our creative design thinking expertise and customer engagement rich experience, we specialize in delivering creative user interfaces by bridging user focused appearance with business functionality. We always aim to build a clean, intuitive, adaptive, and user-friendly UX/UI design that aligns with the latest business trends.

E-commerce development

We provide multi-platform supported e-commerce enterprise business solutions that are best suited to a full-scale market place. From indulgent e-commerce design wire framing, product inventory configuration and installation of the shopping cart to secure payment gateway integration, we provide full-stack e-commerce development solutions.


Legaсy system upgrade

Many organizations find it difficult to accomplish legacy migration or modernization. We provide a well-planned approach to upgrading a system smoothly and efficiently, covering everything from evaluation and planning to implementation and testing, while making sure it supports newer technologies.

ERP Software Development

Leverage our expertise in enterprise resources planning software development to actualize seamless integration at each stage of your business. We know that every company follows unique business processes, requirements, and challenges. We ensure that our ERP software system is in line with your business objectives despite the size and nature of your organization.


Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development across many industry verticals. Our reliable and cost-effective custom software development services enable customers to solve their digital challenges on time, and within their budget. From simple customization to full-cycle development, our agile digital solutions will always meet our client’s specific needs.


Our team of experienced software developers is highly capable of building enterprise software solutions powered by the trending business technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Mobility Solutions etc.


Dedicated Team

Complete technical support even after product delivery.

Award Winning Company

Work with a world-class Award-Winning Company.


We follow best practices and Agile principles to ensure a quick turnaround of products.

Latest Technology

Our technological solutions are highly scalable to your growing business' needs and requirements

On Time delivery

At Accubits, we aim to deliver all our projects on time & with no overhead costs.

Shorter Release Cycles

We innovate productive solutions to keep the project release cycles shorter for improved continuity of business.

Industry Specific Software Development

As one of the top software development outsourcing companies, we solve complex technical challenges across a wide range of business industries. By keeping in constant touch with the right stakeholders, we make sure that our project ideation is met and the end goals are achieved. We keep all our project ROIs at the maximum and project delivery cycles up-to-date in a high paced, expansion-oriented, competitive business environment.


Healthcare Software Application Development

We build interactive healthcare applications for global healthcare hospitals in order to simplify patient appointments, examinations and treatments. We aim at creating time saving medical applications built around each individual and task.

  • ->   Chronic illness management system solutions
  • ->   VR based complex data visualization
  • ->   GEO based AR solution development for mobile apps
  • ->   Smart analytics and real-time report

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