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Accubits Technologies is a leading robotic process automation company offering solutions that boost your business productivity by reducing human error and supercharging your automation efforts with machine learning, speech recognition and NLP. Fill this form with your requirements to get an estimate cost for your robotic process automation requirement.


STAND OUT of the CROWD with intelligent automations.

Our robotic process automation solutions allow humans to focus on high value tasks while the repetitive tasks are automated. Automations can also provide extra security for sensitive data. From handling queries to maintenance of records and transactions, our solutions can provide value in a variety of industries today. Here are a few RPA solutions that we've successfully developed.

Automating tasks can help you enhance productivity and improve scalability. Our robotic process automation services include assessment, strategy, design and implementation of various solutions that integrate well with your business workflow.

Our team of automation experts help businesses optimize their operations with cutting edge technology.

We deliver our clients, RPA solutions that have been proven to reduce costs and operational risks at the best possible price.Get an estimate of the development cost.

Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Our RPA solutions help you achieve your business goals by automating business processes like administrative tasks, billing, accounting and more. Here are a few services that we are provide.

UI Path

We have the expertise in using UI path RPA software to build and design your automations in the best possible way so that you can complete tasks, read and process documents, communicate in natural language, and analyze and optimize processes.

Blue Prism

We apply pre-built AI technologies through Blue Prism RPA software that makes it easier for your organization to deploy and scale rpa solutions for enhanced business operations. We make use of our intelligent solutions to create a digital workforce that is accurate and efficient.

Enterprise RPA Platform

Experience the our power of intuitive enterprise technology with the shortest adoption periods and create intelligent bots on demand. We combine RPA, AI and Analytics to create a complete RPA platform that can transform your business to perform 10x better.

Increased Speed & Productivity

Intelligent automations helps to prioritize task based on their importance and thus reduces the pressure of work on employess.

Release Management

We help our clients in the management of releases to minimize the risk of failed deployments.

Better Accuracy

We program our RPA solutions to follow pre-defined rules. They are compliant and consistent.

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The following are a couple of comments made by our happy clients

"Accubits Technologies Inc's platform has garnered thousands of users and become a trusted tool for business transactions. Flexible, positive, and responsive, they managed the project well and had no issues with language barriers or deadlines."

Elizabeth Priestman
CEO, International Deal Gateway

"Handling unexpected marketplace requirements, Accubits Technologies Inc proactively offered suggestions. Their ability to deliver custom solutions withing budgetary and timeline restrictions is notable. Customers can expect a communicative and supportive partner."

Jon Ratliff
Founder & President, eBlaze Marketing Inc.
RPA Solutions That We Developed

Following are a few RPA Solutions that we've developed for our clients. Get in touch with us if you'd like to see the entire portfolio.

Automating Cheque Clearance

Mandiri Bank, Indonesia

For the client, we built an automated cheque clearance system. The solution used a computer vision based signature forgery detection system to detect forged signatures and automated the cheque clearance process in the bank system using UiPath. The solution helped our client to reduce the number of workforce needed for cheque clearance from 143 to 80 employees.

Automating Document Processing

United States Postal Services

For the client, we built an automated document processing system. Our client need to process different types of documents in handwritten as well as printed formats to execute the ticket management. Manual processing of these documents were very time consuming and tedious. The solution we built automated fetching information from documents and automated the ticket management based on the processed data.

Automating Form Data Processing

Mobomo, USA

For the client, we built an automated form data processing solution. The business requirement was to parse and fetch relevant information from filled up forms and use the retrieved information to classify the form applications based on different predefined parameters. The solution helped our client to accelerate the form processing task. What it took 7-12 days was completed in 3-4 hours using the solution.


What is Accubits Technologies?

Accubits Technologies is leading robotic process automation company offering intelligent digital transformation solutions to Governments, Tech startups, Top Fortune 1000 companies and other established businesses. Accubits is headquartered in Virginia, USA and has operational offices in Australia, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia and Switzerland. We specialize in providing our proven expertise to develop emerging business technologies and with our team of unconventional thinkers and solution innovators, Accubits is one of the most prominent player of this technological revolution we are witnessing today.

What are the costs involved in RPA solutions development?

Depending upon the seniority of the development team, number of resources required, types of resources required, the costs involved in RPA solutions development varies. To get an estimate cost for developing your project, use this form.

How about our expertise as an RPA solutions company?

As a trusted RPA solutions company, Accubits has served more than 1000's clients from around the world. We've developed innovative solutions for startups, Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies. Reach out to us to get the complete RPA solutions portfolio of Accubits.

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