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As a software development company, we strive to breath life into your ideas by developing software solutions that can bring value to your business. Whether it's an interactive mobile application or custom software, we have got you covered.

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We build software solutions that cater to your unique requirements

Through our 10+ years of software development experience, we have delivered 800+ innovative software solutions for businesses that have helped them realize their true potential. Our team of experts evaluate your business operations to identify the processes that can be enhanced with software development. This helps us build one of a kind solutions that can perfectly complement your business functioning. Our commitment to quality has helped us develop a loyal client base of like-minded organizations that prioritize innovation above all else. Here are a few companies that we have worked with.

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Empower your business with AI-powered solutions

Software solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence can mimic human capabilities and help businesses execute tasks at a fraction of the usual costs.

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Atromg8 Testimonialx

"Working with Accubits helped to implement an innovative solution at minimal costs. Their developers are extremely skilled at project management and have a passion for their work. They were available around the clock, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic."

Milivoje Batista

Founder, Atom Network, Switzerland

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Machine Learning

Extract meaningful business insights from unstructured data to solve complex problems.


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Deep Learning

Analyze data just like humans with artificial neural networks.

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Predictive Analytics

Use patterns and correlations to identify business risks and opportunities.


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Foster trust & transparency with blockchain technology

Blockchain solutions are decentralized and trustworthy, allowing businesses to experience benefits like enhanced transparency, security and traceability.

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international deal gateway testimonial

"The platform developed by Accubits made waves in the market, and is being used by thousands of people today. The tool helped facilitate secure and quick business transactions all around the world. The development team was very adjusting and executed the project in an efficient manner. We had no issues with language barriers or project timelines either. "

Elizabeth Priestman

CEO, International Deal Gateway

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Crypto Wallets

Keep your cryptocurrency safe with digital wallets.

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Smart Contracts

Facilitate and enforce the negotiation of an agreement or transaction.


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Crypto Token Development

Conduct quicker transactions with lower transaction fees.


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Streamline your workflow with innovative products

We design and develop feature-rich products that can appeal to your customers and drive business growth.

fifth edge testimonials

"By addressing the legacy issues of recruitment, Accubits developed a platform that meets the needs of candidates and companies alike. The solution, called FifthEdge provides a single line of communication, meaning candidates are not being contacted by tens of companies, and ensures companies have access to a live talent pool, making recruitment easier and more efficient than ever before."

Marcus Taylor

CEO & Founder, Fifth Edge

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Custom Product Development

Experience the benefits of a unique product made just for you.


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Product Prototyping

Evaluate and fine tune your product design using the latest technology.


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Mobile App Development

Get user-friendly mobile applications with optimal functionality.


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Save time and effort with RPA technology

RPA can help you cut down on operational costs with a digital workforce that can automate repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently.

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ixfocus testimonial

"Accubits Technologies Inc. incorporates the latest technologies and techniques in their solution. They look for innovative approaches to solving business problems and their ambition drives them to deliver future-proof solutions that exceed expectations. None of the developers had any reservations about working overtime to ensure the success of the project."

Shameer Thaha

Co-Founder, IXFocus

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Data Processing Automation

Extract information from documents and process data quicker.


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ERP Automation

Improve your customer engagement and recruitment processes.


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Customer Service Automation

Immediately respond to customer complaints and questions.


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business intelligence

"We experienced an increase in overall business sales by 18% in 3 months."

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Make better decisions with actionable insights

Maximize the potential of your data by extracting actionable insights that improve the decision making process.

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Data Analytics

Evaluate and assess your data to derive important insights.


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Data Visualization

Pictorially represent business data for a better understanding.


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Predictive Analytics

Predict future events and act proactively.


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Extend business capability with enterprise solutions

Reinforce the existing information management system of your business with innovative enterprise solutions.

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fitvoo testimonials

"Our company was extremely happy with the solution’s final design and quality. Although the team couldn’t stick to the project timeline completely, they had an important part during the software development life cycle. Their dedication to excellence makes them a treasured partner."

Nick Kumaran

Director, FitVoo

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Enterprise Software

Acquire enhanced capabilities at low costs.


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Enterprise Process Automation

Automate back office tasks for higher productivity levels.


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Customer Interface Development

Offer engaging experiences to your customers.


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Pandemic management system for a safer environment

RTC is a pandemic management system that we developed to help curb the spread of infection. The system offers an admin dashboard bundled with a mobile application.

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pandemic management system

Protect the community from rising levels of infection by leveraging technology to create a safer environment.

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Data Privacy

Highly secure with data encryption and blockchain protected health records.


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Threat Alerts

Real time threat notification with a 500m geofence.


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Digital Health Cards

Digital health cards that indicate the health status of the users.


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Find us across Accubits’ global network

Our innovative solutions have put us on the map as a global leader in solutions development. We cater to clients in different parts of the world, from various industries.

customindz testimonials

"Accubits Technologies offers a variety of services and provides a complete team for an IT related project. They have ample experience in the software development field and can communicate and develop ideas very efficiently."

Gary Ng

CEO, Customindz

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Our software development capabilities




AngularJS • JavaScript • React • Bootstrap • Vue.js • jQuery • Flutter




Node.js • Python • Django • Java • ASP.NET • Laravel • Express.js • Spring




JIRA • Asana • Trello




IONIC • Flutter • React Native • Mobile Angular UI • Native Script • Swift • JQuery Mobile




My SQL • Oracle • Mongo DB




Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud • Microsoft Azure




Kubernetes • Jenkins • Git • Docker

Revolutionizing operations across industries with our software development services

We can develop software solutions that make a perfect fit for any industry.

Focus on your patients with software solutions that can help you view diagnostics, manage medical records, complete forms and more.

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Give your customers the best experiences with improved inventory management and simplified retail operations.

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Software solutions that can help in fleet management, optimal route and schedule generation, registration and execution of requests for goods transportation etc.

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From supply chain analytics and forecasting to efficiency optimization, software solutions can carry out tasks specific to logistics businesses.

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Public Sector
Software solutions built for case management, digital archiving, asset management, budgeting and planning etc.

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Financial management becomes much easier with software solutions that helps in bank reconciliation, invoices, tracking expenses, payroll, and advanced reporting.

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Our global recognitions as a business leader

We aspire to deliver the best software solutions and services to our clients. This has helped us receive recognition across the software development sphere.

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Turn your product idea into reality?

Get a free consultation with our software development experts to simplify your business operations with state of the art enterprise solutions.

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Still got a few doubts about how our expert team works? Have a walk through into some of the few frequently asked questions.

Why choose us?
Accubits has developed solutions for several Fortune 500 companies all over the world. This has helped us gain recognition as one of the leading players in software development. We take pride in our attention to detail and project management skills.
  • Customer Centric Approach: We prioritize the needs and preferences of the end-user while designing our solutions.
  • Years of Domain Expertise: We have been in the software solutions development industry for decades.
  • Un-compromised Quality: All of our solutions are tested to ensure the best possible quality.
  • Best Pool of Talents: Our developers are experienced and driven to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Technological Competence: We keep ourselves updated on all of the latest technology and incorporate it into our solutions whenever possible.
  • Consistent Delivery Model: We always stick to our project delivery timelines.
  • Faster Innovation Capabilities: We take an innovative approach to solution design.





Take a look at our white papers, research reports and resources to get a better understanding about software solutions and the areas that come under it. By incorporating software solutions into your business, you will be able to experience much higher levels of productivity and revenue generation.


In today’s digital age, there are many tools and technologies that can be used to maximize productivity. By automating business processes with RPA, companies can revolutionize their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

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COVID-19 isn’t the first pandemic to hit humanity, and it won’t be the last. This is why pandemic preparedness is extremely important. By using a pandemic management system, it is possible to reduce the adverse effects of a pandemic.

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Most organizations tend to neglect their data and fail to recognize its potential. Data analytics can help convert this data into actionable insights that can be used for improved decision making.

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Read more to know how software solutions can help your business in the long run. In less than a century the software market has grown from non-existent, into a multi-billion dollar industry. Every year, we see new languages, software architectures, containers, methodologies etc. This is why staying updated on the software industry can help your business innovate and stay ahead.

In the mobile development sphere, Flutter is a very popular name. But many organizations are unsure about whether it is the right toolkit for them.

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Hiring an offshore development team allows businesses to build products at minimal costs. However, there are some practices that should be followed to avoid any potential risks.

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A multi-tenant application allows you to serve multiple customers with just one installation of the application. This is why adopting a Multi Tenant SaaS (Software as a service) platform can be extremely beneficial for your business.

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