Patient centric control of medical records.

Blockchain-based medical records enable patients to securely access and transport their medical records among different providers. The system will give the patient complete ownership of their medical data, history, and control of access. Patients will have the freedom to grant access as needed to medical professionals, pharmacies, labs etc. The entire “chain of control” will be managed by patients and their public key and thereby providing access to specific records, to specific providers, for specific periods of time is made seamless.

This solution can keep an immutable and hack proof storage of all the medical data of the patient so that important information is never lost and is easily accessible as well as sharable to concerned doctor or pharmacy in a matter of seconds.



Fault Tolerance

Architecture has built-in fault tolerance, disaster recovery, and cryptography technologies.

Permissioned Blockchain

The application is built such that users need permission to read the information on the blockchain.

Restricted data sharing

The application allows patients to restrict desired data before sharing with a provider.

Health Portal

Patients can access and track their medical records through the web and mobile application.