Enhancing Customer experience with AI & Blockchain


Enhancing Customer Experience with AI & Blockchain

Did you know that the companies that wait to adopt AI & Blockchain for enhancing customer experience may never catch up with early adopters? Read this whitepaper to learn how to transform your business experience with AI & Blockchain solutions.
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Researches shows that 49 % of the companies would adopt Digital Business Transformation strategy for enhancing customer experience. More than 80% CEO's believe that customer-focused approach is the key to providing transformational business experience to their clients. Unrivaled customer experiences depends on the way the business connects with their customers, service providers & suppliers. 

Accubits Intelligent Sales Suite

In this fast-moving business landscape, businesses happens depending on the way we interact with our customers. Only those businesses who delivers interactive customer experience and customer satisfaction as their value can survive in this competitive business world. Enhancing customer experience is a real financial driver for fast growing business. It is all about having the right conversation at each and every touch points rather than random acts of customer service oriented interactions. Most businesses even developed appropriate customer-related metrics to measure business engagements. Because, satisfied customers are 80% more likely to convey the reliability of the platform or the product to their contacts and friends. Thus it helps to gain better customer loyalty and word of mouth sales. Moreover,  82% of the CEO's believe that considering customers more important than their own product is the key to have 40% more returning customers. This is why business should rely on customer-centric approach by seeing their product through the eyes of their own customers. Accubits Intelligent Sales Suite helps your business offer ideal & reliable business interactions driven by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to your customers. Every day we focus on improving customer value by providing unified omni-channel digital experience. Everyday businesses thinks of ways to keep their customers engaged in their platform, thereby increasing customer brand loyalty. Even though, quality of the products is an important factor, a loyal customer base is always the key to a stable business happenings even more.





Accubits Intelligent Sales Suite helps your organization to deliver the best and engaging customer experience to your customers using AI and Blockchain technologies. The suite helps you to increase your customer retention rate, enhance customer satisfaction and fuel referral sales through happy customers.


Reduced Customer Wait Time

The best way to enhance customer experience is to reduce the wait time faced by customers in any business. Using hybrid AI & Blockchain tools, customer wait period can be drastically reduced.

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Personalized Ads and Offers

Personalized product offers and advertisements can enhance your customers experience by several folds as compared to traditional ads and offers broadcast.

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Engaging Loyalty Programs

Traditional loyalty programs are no more efficient. Using crypto loyalty programs, businesses can facilitate engaging loyalty programs which promote cross-selling and customer experience.

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Enhanced Transparency

Today's customers demand more information about a product's origin, the quality of ingredients used, etc. Blockchain-based solutions can help you to facilitate enhanced transparency to your customers.

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Personalized Assistance

Providing personalized assistance to your customers can help in building customer loyalty and increase recurrent sales. AI-assisted customer profiling solutions can help to facilitate personalized assistance.

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Quick Information Access 

Facilitating quick access to information can enhance your customers' experience by many folds. This can be facilitated by AI sales concierges, AI conversational tools, etc.

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AI for Enhanced Customer Experience

AI can sharpen the way you look at your customers' demographics, behavior, psychographics, etc. Simply put, it is set to transform the way businesses approach customer service and ensure that the customers keep coming back. Let us look at some ways to leverage AI for better customer retention and how it can help you enhance the level of customer service you offer.


Personalized Product Recommendation

Most businesses fall behind when it comes to offering customers personalized suggestions regarding product purchases. Businesses can enhance the customer experience by using AI-powered personalized product recommendations.


Hybrid AI for Enhanced Customer Engagement


Hybrid AI is a combination of machine intelligence being continuously improved and validated with human supervision. The entire concept of Hybrid AI revolves around the single fact that human and machine intelligence are not meant to be adversaries but complementary forces that join hands to deal problems more systematically.


Crypto Loyalty Programs for Enhanced Customer Experience

Blockchain-based loyalty programs can be built from the ground up or around existing programs to facilitate an efficient and customer engaging loyalty programs for enhancing customer experience.

Customer Identity in Blockchain for Enhanced Customer Experience

Trust is perhaps the most critical component in any business or a transaction between two people. For instance, if you are purchasing a commodity online, or creating an account in a social media account, you are submitting a lot of personal data to someone. The factor of trust established in such a system is not backed by any assurance.






Reinvent your business with Accubits Intelligent Sales Suite. Re-imagine your customer engagements, improve business processes with automation, optimize your customer retention and grow 10X faster with AI-assisted business intelligence. From smarter financial transactions to more secure business processes, Blockchain technology is hailed to transform the business sector for good. Learn more about the related development services included in Accubits Intelligent Sales Suite

Artificial Intelligence, ML

Enhance retail customer experiences and business strategies with data-driven decisions powered by Accubits Intelligence Sales Suite


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Blockchain, DLT

Enhance your retail business with the tangible benefits and competitive edge offered by blockchain technology.

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Enterprise Solutions

Our customized enterprise mobility solutions can play a pivotal role in critical business decision making, ensuring enhanced business performance


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