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As a leading Blockchain Development Company, we have helped hundreds of customers, ranging from tech startups, Fortune 500 businesses to Federal agencies, with their Blockchain requirements. We have delivered blockchain solutions that foster greater trust, transparency, collaboration, and improved traceability for our clients across banking and financial markets, healthcare, government, retail, supply chain, and much more.


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Blockchain Development Services

We offer end-to-end blockchain development services to meet your specific business requirements. Following are a few of the prominent development services.

enterprise grade dapps development

Enterprise Grade Dapps Development

We build scalable and secure enterprise grade decentralized applications (Dapps) run on top of distributed computing systems that can rule out intermediaries and keep you ahead of your competition.

crypto token development

Crypto Token Development

We develop custom cryptocurrency tokens to bring more liquidity into assets and provide better transparency in process flow. The transparent and distributed nature of crypto tokens greatly minimize business risks.

smart contracts

Smart Contracts

Using smart contracts helps you exchange agreement terms in a transparent and conflict-free blockchain ecosystem. So that both the parties can have equal control over the execution of a contract agreement.

crypto asset exchange

Crypto Asset Exchange

We are capable of building crypto asset exchange platforms that can disrupt the crypto market by improving the efficiency of digital transactions using prominent cryptocurrencies or with custom cryptocurrency tokens.

crypto wallets

Crypto Wallets

With our hands-on-experience, we develop crypto wallets that can hold a variety of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. These crypto wallets have in-built features like balance checks and transaction history.

industry specific blockchain solutions

Industry Specific Blockchain Solutions

By partnering with business leaders and innovative technology companies, we build highly specialized blockchain solutions that match the exact needs and requirements of the industry they operate.

Trusted by

We're trusted by hundreds of customers ranging from tech-startups to Federal agencies from all around the world. Following are a few of our notable clients who had put faith in our development expertise.

united states postal service
homeland security
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Blockchain Development Platform Capabilities

Our development services covers all prominent blockchain platforms to meet your choice. Following are the prominent blockchain development platforms we closely work with to build innovative products and solutions.



An open source distributed ledger framework used to build applications or solutions with a modular architecture.



A global, open source distributed ledger platform for building decentralized applications.



Stellar is an open source, decentralized protocol used to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money.



An open source blockchain platform that delivers improved transparency, security and efficiency for business.



EOS is an open source blockchain protocol capable of processing transactions at high speed and flexibility.



Ripple enables financial institutions, payment providers and digital exchanges to send money globally.



Hashgraph is a digital ledger technology(secured acrylic graph) used to create fast, fair and secure applications.



An open source platform for decentralized assets and applications that evolves by upgrading itself.



A blockchain based decentralized operating system used to build high performance decentralized apps.

Applications of Blockchain Technology

Be influenced by how business innovators around the globe are revolutionizing their business through decentralized applications built on blockchain technology across major industries. So don't be left out, start working with us to build a suitable blockchain ecosystem to establish a frictionless business.

Looking for end-to-end Product Development Services?

We offer end-to-end product development services ranging from UI/UX design to product production deployment.

A glimpse of your blockchain project

Blockchain works on the idea that a distributed ledger managed with in a peer-to-peer network can be used to record digital transactions between two entities accurately in a verifiable and immutable manner.

begin transaction

User requests for transaction



block representation

Block representation

block creation

Block is broadcasted



validation process

Validation process

block added to the chain

Block is added to the chain



post verification

Verified & executed

Our Blockchain Development Process

We transform revolutionary ideas of world's leading innovators and business leaders into a reality by building blockchain applications and operating models that deliver meaningful experience. Our experience in building 200+ digital platforms for firms in many prominent industries have enabled us to develop our own set of tailored processes that fits any blockchain journey.

Blockchain Consulting

We'll help you identify the level of blockchain applicability in your business. After that a market research will be conducted to determine the project feasibility and features that needs to be prioritized during the development.

User Experience & Technical Design

We build interactive designs that deliver seamless user experience. The technical design includes a technical description of the components, design API's, customer stories and well detailed back-end process flow.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Our blockchain developers develop the solution using the proposed technical design and operating models. Then the blockchain solution is integrated with the different APIs meant for the various unique use cases.


Before the solution is deployed in the actual server, it is deployed in a test network to make sure that all its capabilities are fully functional. Then after proper testing it is deployed in the main server and is upgraded based on the needs and demands of the business.


Monitor, stabilize and initiate support for the developed blockchain network and functional blockchain ecosystem. At each stages of the solution performance, we always try to enhance the visibility and accountability of operations to avoid critical errors.

Migration & Upgrades

Our team will also help you in migrating your existing business solution into blockchain. We work in coordination with your own in-house team to accommodate proprietary solution add-ons to avoid down time, gain greater control and better customization.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain being an industrial grade technology, it can be seamlessly integrated with existing solutions and network services to unlock path breaking benefits.



Enable trustable transparency to the network participants and thereby build brand value and loyalty.



Being an immutable and tamperproof recording keeping system, blockchain offers improved security.

Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

Reduces operations cost as Blockchain can cut out intermediaries from executing transations.

Increased Speed & Efficiency

Future proof

Trends are indicating that customer demand decentralized and trustable systems. Embrace blockahin today and be future proof.



Blockchain delivers us a complete audit trail of the the assets. Enabling trustable traceability for products and transactions.



Blockchain offers high degree of auditability. Maintain auditable records that are tamperproof and secure

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The following are a couple of comments made by our happy clients

"The platform developed by Accubits Technologies has facilitated secure and speedy business transactions for thousands of users. The development team responded to all of our needs and requirements in an efficient and timely manner"

Elizabeth Priestman
CEO, International Deal Gateway

"Throughout the duration of the project, the team at Accubits Technologies focused on bringing creative and innovative solutions that could proactively solve industry problems. They promptly delivered the required solution within the time and budget constraints."

Jon Ratliff
Founder & President, eBlaze Marketing Inc.

Blockchain Development - Case Studies

Below are few of the blockchain applications that we've developed for our clients. Get in touch with us if you'd like to see the entire portfolio.

blockchain based land registry system

Blockchain Based Land Registry System

One of our clients, the Dubai Land Department put forth the requirement of a land registry management platform. We developed an innovative solution that incorporated blockchain technology so that no one can tamper with or forge a record of their own. These records could be viewed by authorized parties at any time.

crypto currency exchange

Crypto Currency Exchange

Our client, Ausfinex faced several challenges in fiat crypto exchange platforms. In order to provide them a better alternative, we developed a crypto asset exchange platform. This helped facilitate flexible trading, cyber security insurance and state of the art security. It is built with high-security standards to keep the funds secure and prevent security attacks.

tamperproof certification platform

Tamperproof Certification Platform

Our client, EDUCALUE was having difficulty in gauging the authenticity of academic certificates. So, we built a blockchain-based platform for the issuance and verification of certifications. This blockchain-based platform stores the issued certificates on a network that audits itself, rendering them impossible to be tampered with.


What is Accubits Technologies?

Accubits Technologies provides innovative solutions that have powered the digital transformation journeys of several organizations, startups and Fortune 500 companies. We help organizations think ahead of their competition and improve their operational efficiency with data-driven solutions for mobile, cloud and web platforms. We have a universal presence, with offices located in various parts of the world. Our blockchain development experts are focused on using the latest blockchain technologies to help businesses adopt future-proof solutions that can help achieve their organizational goals. Take the following questions into consideration before deciding on a blockchain development company:

What are the costs involved in blockchain development?

The costs of blockchain development depends on the project requirement, years of expertise of the assigned team and number of developers needed. Complex projects will require more time, resources and energy, which leads to higher costs. In order to get an approximate cost for your project, you can use this form.

Why choose Accubits' as your blockchain development company?

Accubits is a leading blockchain development company that has partnered with over 250 clients around the world. We have built unique solutions that meet specific industry requirements for a multitude of startups, federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us to get a better idea about the projects that we have worked on.

Award winning blockchain development company. (Frost and Sullivan award)

Developed over 500+ digital solutions for cloud, mobile, IoT and blockchain.

Partnership with several prominent blockchain platforms.

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