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Accubits Technologies is one of the best blockchain development service company in the market. Please don't take our word for it; check out our blockchain case studies, clients, and the recognitions we received in this space. As a blockchain development company, we are trusted by government agencies, 100+ tech startups, and Fortune 500 businesses to develop blockchain products, platforms, and solutions.

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Blockchain Project Development

Whether it’s an industry-specific blockchain application, enterprise-grade dApp, asset exchange, smart contract, or your custom token development, we can help you out with our deep industry experience in custom blockchain development.

Deep Expertise

Deep expertise in a wide range of blockchain technologies including hyperledger, EOS, Ethereum, Tron, Truffle, Quorum, IPFS, Custom dApps, smart contracts, and more.


We use of state-of-the-art technologies, tools and platforms to build your blockchain solution. Reach out to us to avail a no-obligation technology consultation.

Widely Recognised

Our expertise in blockchain development has won us several awards and recognitions including the Frost and Sullivan Award for the best blockchain developement company.

Turnkey Solutions

30+ battle tested turnkey solutions, smart contracts and platforms that can enable you to launch your blockchain application faster with minimal investments.

End-to-End Services

We provide end-to-end services that includes technology consultation, solution design, design and development for web, mobile apps, devops, QA and post-deployment support.

Global Delivery Network

We have a global delivery network spanning across 10 different countries that can deliver high quality blockchain applications and solutions at attractive costs.

blockchain project development

How blockchain can benefit your company?

Not sure how your company can benefit from blockchain technology? Check out this short video to figure it out!

Blockchain Development Services

We offer end-to-end blockchain development services to meet your specific business requirements. Following are selected development services we offer;

Custom dApp Development

We build scalable and secure enterprise-grade decentralized applications (dApps) run on top of distributed computing systems that can rule out intermediaries and keep you ahead of your competition.

Smart Contracts

Custom smart contract development with a wide range of blockchain standards including ERC, TRON, EOS, Hyperledger, NEM, Tezos, Cardano, Bitcoin, and more.

Crypto Asset Exchange

We offer development services for crypto-asset exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange. We also offer a white-label platform for crypto exchange. Reach out to us today for a demo of the platform.

Crypto Token Development

We offer blockchain development services to develop crypto tokens or token issuance platforms via ICO, IEO, STO, and IDO across prominent blockchain platforms or within a custom blockchain network. Reach us today to discuss your requirements.

Wallets and Apps

We have successfully delivered 30+ crypto wallets and assets vault apps to blockchain startups around the world. Built-in with advanced security features including biometric authentications.

Metaverse Development

Do you have a metaverse solution idea in your mind? Need our assistance to build metaverse solutions or apps? Consult our metaverse experts to check how we can help your businesses figure out your metaverse priorities.

NFT Development

Planning to launch your Non-fungible tokens? Or need to launch an NFT marketplace? We've got you covered. We have proven expertise in NFT development in ERC, dGood, EOS, Tron, Cardano standards, and more.

DeFi Development

Need support to develop your DeFi or Decentralized Finance projects? Let's work together. We have delivered several DeFi products for our customers from around the world.

Industry Specific Solutions

Need a custom blockchain application or a blockchain protocol to meet the specific requirements for your industry? We can help you with that. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation technology consultation.

We are trusted by

We are trusted by hundreds of customers ranging from tech-startups to Federal agencies from all around the world. Following are a few of our notable clients who had put faith in our development expertise.

smart dubai
homeland security

Our Journey So Far,

Federal agencies, Large Enterprises, Tech Startups, Blockchain Startups trust us for their blockchain development requirements.


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Assets Tokenized


Blockchain Projects


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Blockchain Development Platform Capabilities

We offer services on all prominent blockchain platforms to meet your business requirements. Following are the prominent blockchain development platforms we closely work with to build innovative products and solutions.


An open source distributed ledger framework used to build applications or solutions with a modular architecture.


A global, open source distributed ledger platform for building decentralized applications.


Stellar is an open source, decentralized protocol used to create, send and trade digital representations of all forms of money.


An open source blockchain platform that delivers improved transparency, security and efficiency for business.


EOS is an open source blockchain protocol capable of processing transactions at high speed and flexibility.


Ripple enables financial institutions, payment providers and digital exchanges to send money globally.


Hashgraph is a digital ledger technology (secured acrylic graph) used to create fast, fair and secure applications.


An open source platform for decentralized assets and applications that evolves by upgrading itself.

8 More

Reach out to us today to get a no-obligation consultaation on 8+ Blockchain platforms.

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Why you should embrace Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology has helped businesses and organizations to establish more transparent business operations, to enable trust between the key stakeholders. The major benefits you could harness are;.


Enable trustable transparency to the network participants and thereby build brand value and loyalty.


Being an immutable and tamperproof recording keeping system, blockchain offers improved security.

Reduced Cost

Reduces operations cost as blockchain can cut out intermediaries from executing transations.

Future Proof

Trends are indicating that customers demand decentralized and trustable systems. Embrace blockchain today and be future proof.


Blockchain delivers us a complete audit trail of the assets. Enabling trustable traceability for products and transactions.


Blockchain offers high degree of auditability. Maintain auditable records that are tamperproof and secure

What our clients say,

Client testimonials for our blockchain development services.

Accubits Technologies Inc's platform has garnered thousands of users and become a trusted tool for business transactions. Flexible, positive, and responsive, they managed the project well and had no issues with language barriers or deadlines.

Elizabeth Priestman

CEO, International Deal Gateway


Accubits brought their full experience in this project and was able to improve the ideas we came up with by far. These changes were substantial and did allow us to work with more then one group at the same time and develop 3 ecosystems.

Milivoje Batista

Founder, ATROMG8


Handling unexpected marketplace requirements, Accubits proactively offered suggestions. Their ability to deliver custom solutions within budgetary and timeline restrictions is notable. Customers can expect a communicative and supportive partner.

Jon Ratliff

Founder & President, eBlaze Marketing Inc


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Popular Blockchain Development Use Cases

Be influenced by how businesses are reinventing their management strategies with cutting-edge applications built on blockchain technology. If you want your business to stay ahead of the curve, then you need to adapt to the changing industry standards. By incorporating a custom-made blockchain ecosystem to assist your business operations, you can maximize your business returns. A few of the popular use cases of blockchain development are;

Fintech Smart Contract

Smart contract as a whole is the best solution to pace up the efficiency, security and reduce the costs in many of the processes under the financial sector.

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Health Records Management

Blockchain creates an opportunity to reduce the complexity of healthcare. It makes the process secure and more trustworthy.

Read More
Digital Identity Management

The next generation of business and citizen identity management systems will rely on blockchain-based applications for transactions in the future.

Read More
Supply Chain Traceability

The end-to-end transparency provided by blockchain promise to make all supply chain woes a thing of the past and bring safe and affordable food within the grasp of all.

Read More
Tamperproof Certifications

Fake and falsified certifications have raised their ugly head across every fathomable sector, with some affected more than the others. How blockchain can solve this?

Read More
Asset Digitization

Tokenization or Digitization of physical and financial assets is a game-changer in the capital markets industry.

Read More
Decentralised Finance

DeFi expands on this opportunity by decentralizing the lending and borrowing process. This leads to better security, accountability and transparency in the financial system.

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Crypto Asset Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows users to buy/sell or trade different cryptocurrencies.

Read More
Metaverse Virtual World

We help you build scalable metaverse solutions such as NFT marketplace solutions, decentralized payment solutions, virtual workplace solutions, and digital twin solutions. Want to know more? Let's talk!

Read More

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Our Blockchain Development Case Studies

Take a look at some of the blockchain solutions that we've developed for our clients. Get in touch with us if you'd like to see our entire project portfolio.

Blockchain based land registry

Client : Dubai Land Department

Blockchain-based Land Registry

Leveraging blockchain technology, the problems faced in land registry management can be mitigated. For our client, we developed a blockchain-based land registry management platform.

blockchain based certification

Client: Eduvalue (Singapore Gov)

Tamperproof Certification Solution

For our client, we developed a blockchain-based platform for the issuance and verification of certifications. The certification platform offers a tamper-proof infrastructure of trust.

Crypto asset exchange

Client : Ausfinex

Custom Crypto Exchange

For our client, we developed a crypto-asset exchange platform. The system is built with enhanced security, order book trading and facilitates a higher liquidity rate for a trader.


What is Accubits Technologies?

Accubits Technologies provides innovative solutions that have powered the digital transformation journeys of several organizations, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. We help organizations think ahead of their competition and improve their operational efficiency with data-driven solutions for mobile, cloud, and web platforms. We have a universal presence, with offices located in various parts of the world. We know that innovation and technology can help your business gain an edge over the completion. So our blockchain development experts are focused on using the latest blockchain technologies to help businesses adopt future-proof solutions that can help achieve their organizational goals. Take the following questions into consideration before deciding on a blockchain development company:

What are the costs involved in blockchain development?

The costs of blockchain development depends on the project requirement, years of expertise of the assigned team and number of developers needed. Complex projects will require more time, resources and energy, which leads to higher costs. In order to get an approximate cost for your project, you can use this form.

Why choose Accubits' as your blockchain development company?

Accubits is a leading blockchain development company that has partnered with over 250 clients around the world for blockchain development. We have built unique solutions that meet specific industry requirements for a multitude of startups, federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us to get a better idea about the projects that we have worked on.

Award winning blockchain development company. (Frost and Sullivan award)

Developed over 500+ digital solutions for cloud, mobile and blockchain.

Partnership with several prominent blockchain platforms.

How to get started?

Kick start your blockchain transformation, through blockchain product development by scheduling a consultation with our experts. Our experts will analyze your requirements and send you a detailed plan for the development of your solution.

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