AI-powered Recruitment platform

Developed for FifthEdge

The Client

FifthEdge is an AI-powered recruitment platform with a primary focus on building and maintaining talent pools. FifthEdge’s pioneering technology allows professionals to be matched and remain ‘data fresh’ to multiple employers who deem their expertise essential to their organization’s future growth.

The Business Requirements

FifthEdge identified that recruiting good talents has become a hurdle for companies due to the tedious and mundane recruitment processes. Access to a quality talent pool is necessary for companies today as it directly or indirectly affects their productivity. Fifthedge aims to eliminate the gap in the talent pool market with the help of an AI-powered recruitment platform.

The basic business requirement for the platform includes an omnichannel candidate engagement solution for the candidates to have a smooth recruitment experience. The platform needs to support AI-powered online video interview and screening process to make recruitment easy for the recruiter.

Service Offered,

For Fifthedge, we built an AI-powered recruitment platform (with our custom AI software development services) that automates several monotonous recruitment functions. 

The AI-based recruitment platform automates the recruitment process without losing the human touch, enabling organizations with efficient and quicker requirements. The platform supports intelligent bots that engage with the candidates to guide them throughout the recruitment journey.

FifthEdge enables the recruiter to make data-driven decisions in recruitment. It helps the recruiters evaluate the potential candidate’s performance and qualifications more efficiently. Moreover, the intelligent insights from the platform help the recruiter evaluate the candidates’ psychometrics more accurately. FifthEdge increases recruiter satisfaction by increasing the recruitment success rate.

Benefits offered

Working with Marcus, we created ‘Skyler’, a virtual member of the team who uses over 50,000 data points to provide nonillion variables, which are used to assess candidates. The AI then interviews the same candidates. Companies can now connect with candidates who match their criteria in skills, experience, culture, and past companies. This is a smart, efficient way to get the right people on board in record time.

The Outcome

Harnessing AI technology and complex algorithms fueled by vast banks of ever-evolving industry data, the platform replaces up to 70 percent of the traditional recruitment process. FifthEdge provides unprecedented benefits to employers and candidates beyond any internally-adopted system or technology, ensuring candidates never miss an opportunity with their preferred employer brands while reducing the cost and time to recruit by up to 90 percent.

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