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Developed For Ausfinex - Australian Crypto Exchange


Ausfinex is an Australian-based fiat-crypto exchange company that facilitates a buyer to purchase, sell or exchange crypto assets for fiat currencies quickly and securely.


The liquidation of cryptocurrency is very popular in the financial world since 2016. Apparently, the process of conversion from crypto to fiat is time-consuming and incurs a high degree commission rate at the same time. Additionally, the threat of cyber attacks and hoax exchange boards has made traders go through a lot of hassle in the process of their crypto exchange. This presented an opportunity for our customer to build a user-friendly and secure crypto asset platform that supports a wide range of crypto-fiat pairs.


The client put forward the requirement of a platform to solve the problems faced in the fiat-crypto currency exchange platforms, which are


For our customer Ausfinex, we built the crypto asset exchange platform. The system is built with enhanced security, order book trading and facilitates a higher liquidity rate for a trader. It also offers prominent features such as flexible trading, cybersecurity insurance, and state-of-the-art security. The application offers a simple-to-navigate user interface and integration of various payment methods and advanced reporting options. The platform is built with high-security standards for maintaining the funds secure and prevent any security attack. The platform enabled the users to no longer need to go through the hassle of converting their currency through BTC, ETH, USD, or EUR to access other cryptocurrencies, as a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies are available on the Ausfinex platform. The platform’s native token, the Ausfinex Coin (AFEX), will provide users a 50 percent discount for fees on trading, brokerage, and coin listings.



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Enabled with cybersecurity insurance

Built with state of the art security measures

100+ crypto-fiat pairs

Flexible trading options

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