Online Tailor Marketplace

An out-of-the-box and affordable e-Commerce solution for the custom clothing industry.Shimble aims to be the leading provider of online software services to the custom tailoring industry. Shimble's core product is an online multi-store platform to service the rapidly developing needs of the global tailoring market. The product offers a cloud-hosted solution that allows custom clothiers to engage a global $10bn+ custom fashion market. It is a marketplace with trusted tailors around the world, combining their expertise with online convenience.

The Customer

Shimble is an Australia-based company that offers an online marketplace for tailors around the world to sell custom-fit apparel to platform users. 

The Business Requirements

Shimble offers its users the freedom to design their apparel as they wish. For that, the online platform needs to have a real-time view of the designed apparel in 3D. Users should be able to drag and drop different components to make their apparel to their custom fit and shapes.

Our Solution

For Shimble, we built a custom web application. Users can customize their desired fabrics and design apparel ( shirt, pants, vests, suits, jackets, etc )  according to their style preferences and in a perfect fit. A customer has the option to add his body dimensions to visualize in a real-time 3D rendering to see how the apparel would fit them. We built the application using WebGL and created a proprietary server-side WebGL rendering technology to provide a high-performance rendering for the application. We have also built an e-commerce platform in Shimble for design, purchase, payments, and also product tracking. The easy-to-use CMS has enabled Shimble to manage its business very effectively.

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Real-time Model Rendering

WebGL based 3D Visualizations

CMS platform for tailors

Fully RESTful solution

Feature-rich Admin Dashboad

Proprietary Server-side Processing

Technologies Used