EQ Analysis App

Developed For CCR3

The Client

CCR3 Performance Management helps leaders and their teams move from the fog to CLARITY, from quicksand to CONCRETE, and from ideas to RESULTS. They work through all three dimensions of human performance- the What, Why, and How. CCR3 delivers a comprehensive range of talent management products and services to improve performance, motivation, energy, and fulfillment at all levels of your organization, from executive coaching to team dynamics workshops to a complete talent management ERP system

Business Requirements

CCR3 has identified that Emotional Intelligence is an important factor in measuring the professional caliber of a person. The degree of Emotional Intelligence impacts how people make decisions, and people with high EQ knows when to trust their intuition. This quality can help the organizations understand their people’s capability and readiness. CCR3 needed a solution that can analyze the degree of an individual’s emotional intelligence.

Service Offered

To meet the client’s specific business requirements, Accubits offered end-to-end mobile app development services to develop the app on Android and IOS platforms. The developed mobile app can help calculate an individual’s EQ and generate a report based on it. The platform offers five sections to test the EQ of an individual, and the user will be able to view a video explaining more about each section of the test.

For a better experience, the platform is designed with extremely engaging UI designs. Multiple payment gateways are integrated across the platform for easy transactions. This platform is equipped with an Admin dashboard that features a Corporate Licensing module, User Management, and Subscription management. We have integrated the EQME social media extension into the platform. The referral system is developed into the platform for better user engagement.

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Android + iOS apps

Social media Integration

Subscription management

Multiple payment gateways

Technologies Used