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The Future Currency Group (FCG) identified an opportunity to apply blockchain in an approach that would transform the existing fintech space. Accubits have provided end-to-end technology services and solutions to develop, test, launch, and scale the BAXE application.

The Client

The Future Currency Group is one of the leading Australian blockchain companies. It was founded on the belief that blockchain technology has the potential to supercharge the global economy and deliver increased efficiencies across all sectors. The company aims to unlock blockchain’s vast potential, by providing leadership and funding for the growth and adoption of this technology across the globe. The company is focused on establishing a uniform and comprehensive approach to creating solutions to the existing challenges associated with blockchain. Through coordinated efforts with key stakeholders, Future Currency Group is pushing the boundaries of blockchain as we move into the next phase of the digital age.

The Business Challenge

The Future Currency Group (FCG) identified an opportunity to apply blockchain in an approach that would transform existing legacy services. By developing the foundations of new economic solutions, FCG aimed to eliminate inefficiencies within these outdated services. FCG’s solution to this problem was to build a pioneering global banking ecosystem, named BAXE, that is truly open and connected via the digital economy.

Services Offered

For FCG, we provided end-to-end technology services to develop, test, launch, and scale the BAXE application, including;

BAXE enables the world’s first truly open and connected digital economy. By embracing the latest technologies, BAXE acts as a gateway between traditional financial institutions and the emerging digital economy. To achieve this vision, BAXE has designed a digital ecosystem across communication, finance, business, and trade.

Why Accubits?

With deep expertise in engineering mission-critical digital solutions for financial institutions, Accubits was an obvious choice for the Future Currency Group. Accubits is a trusted name for governments and enterprises across the globe, and together with their ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, FCG could be confident that they were achieving enterprise-grade quality, security, and availability with their BAXE system.

Accubits’ has the capability to support not only the initial platform development but also the ongoing deployment of new features and management of the platform. This has provided FCG with dedicated teams that grow with their business needs and provide all major functions of enterprise systems development and management.

The Outcome

As of November 2021, the BAXE application has been successfully delivered into its alpha environment. The alpha release is currently undergoing rigorous testing with pilot customers, industry stakeholders, and partners. An extensive feature roadmap has been identified for the coming 12 month period. This will include further application development and integration with industry-leading services, delivering a genuinely digital-first economy.

Customer Feedback

It’s great to have a team that challenges our thinking, it gives us confidence that we’re getting the RIGHT outcome, not just the one we asked for!

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