DeFi Staking Platform Development Guide

What's included in the book:

DeFi Functional Requirements

Bare minimum functional checklists for user module, stake options, pools, referrals, etc.

DeFi Technology Stack

Recommended technology stack, blockchain platforms, infrastructure requirements, etc.

DeFi Security Measures

Checklists for Platform security, General security, Operational security, etc.

DeFi Platform Overview

Platform features and functionalities, bare minimum modules and options.

Process Flow

Recommended DeFi crypto staking app process flow for stake, rewards and pools.

Development Roadmap

High level development roadmap, dependencies, Gantt charts, development functions, etc.

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DeFi crypto staking platform

How to Develop a DeFi Crypto Staking Platform?

In a typical DeFi crypto staking platform, users can stake their cryptocurrencies and earn profits from their investments. The platform would bare minimum need one customer module and an admin module.

Crypto Staking Customer Module

The Basic functionality is to link wallets to the platform and stake coins based on preset conditions. The tokens need to be locked based on the preset conditions.

Admin Module

Admin will be able to manage the overall functioning of the platform including setting stake amount, interest rates, reward percentage, lockin perios, set campaigns and more.

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FAQs & Frequently Missed Questions

Following are a few important questions and answers about DeFi Crypto staking apps. Hope this is helpful.

As the term suggests, auto staking eases up the work for the platform users. The platform can take care of the staking mechanisms for the user. Due to the same reason, demand for auto staking is in the rise in the market. We'd recommend to incorporate auto-staking functionality in the DeFi staking platform.
According to DeFi Pulse, crypto-assets locked to DeFi projects so far this year (Nov 2021), grew 385%. This is tremendous growth. If this trend continues, the industry size could reach $800 Billion by 2022. A part of this growth is fueled by the recent updates in the DeFi such as staking, yield farming functionalities, etc. The introduction of staking in crypto assets opened up a wide range of opportunities for traders to earn additional revenue. In plain words, DeFi staking refers to the process of locking crypto assets into a smart contract in exchange for rewards.
DeFi staking platform can have multiple options and features for web app and/or mobile app. The cost, as obvious, depends on the project. A decent staking application could cost between $10K and $60K, and feature-rich platform could cost between $100k to $250k.
With our whitelabel solutions, you can launch your product in a week. Reach out to us today to learn about our whitelabel platform offerings. A custom made DeFi platform development can take 8 weeks and above, depending on the platform features and functions.

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