Face Mask Detection System using AI


Face mask detection system make use of the capabilities of computer vision and video analytics to identify and track people who aren’t wearing face masks.

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Face mask detection system using transformative AI technologies

As we slowly ease back into our daily routines, it is important to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of infection. We live in the age of social distancing, and many businesses don’t know how to adapt to it. Wearing a face mask is now mandatory in most countries. But there is no way to ensure that people do. We have developed a face mask detection system that can help businesses and governments detect people who aren’t wearing masks. Notifications will be sent out to the concerned authorities so that corrective action can be taken. This can help us create a safer atmosphere in public areas like airports, offices and hospitals.

How It Works?

Integrate With Your CCTV Camera Infrastructure

Activate the face mask detection system by successfully integrating it with your existing CCTV camera infrastructure.

Admin Dashboard Setup

Get real time insights from your CCTV source directly to the preferred platform through dashboard setup.

Automate Monitoring

Automate identification of people who don't wear face masks.

Receive Updates & Notifications

Send out real-time alerts on violators to admin and security personnel.

Features of Face Mask Detection System

Hardware Agnostic
No GPU hardware required for installation. Its entire system is easily deployable through on-premise, hybrid and cloud deployments.
Easy Integration

The system can be integrated with existing CCTV infrastructure to prevent the hassle of installing any new hardware.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Work with the assigned team for an initial set of requirements to establish a good rapport, before moving on to the exact requirements.

Face Mask Detection, Key Components

facial information data interface


Data Interface

The face mask detection system identifies people without personal protective equipment like face masks, face covering equipments through real-time video analytics. The system’s interface can store information on previously identified faces, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This information can be used to send people alerts if they forget to wear a mask. On identification of a new face, alerts can be sent out to the concerned authorities. Would like to know more about the solution? Lets talk!

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Surveillance Dashboard

The system provides a dashboard that shows the statistics of face mask violations identified, alerts generated etc. The system automatically notifies the concerned security officer to take defined actions upon detection of violations.

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interactive surveillance dashboard
real time notification interface


Notification Interface

A mobile application can be used to receive alerts whenever the system detects anyone who isn’t wearing a facemask. Notifications can be programmed to pop up on the surveillance dashboard in real time as well.

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Transforming Industries with Innovative Technological Capabilities

Ensuring a safe environment is a top priority for businesses, organizations and governments all over the world. We help them ensure that standard safety practices are followed with our detection system.

In order to curb infection through cross-border travel, airport authorities must ensure that the travelers and airport staff wear protective equipment like face masks at all times. This system can be installed in frequently used areas in the airports to detect anyone who isn’t wearing a face mask.
It is essential to wear face masks in infection prone areas like hospitals. If a health worker isn’t wearing a face mask, an alert can be sent directly to their phones reminding them to wear it. Additionally, if someone under quarantine isn’t wearing a mask, the system will send an alert to the hospital staff.
In order to maintain safety standards, employers can install the detection system to ensure that their employees are taking precautionary measures to stay safe. Reports can be generated to identify staff members who are not following the safety requirements.

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Being a company that focuses on emerging technologies, Accubits makes it a point to build solutions that can adapt to the changing times. As the need for social distancing becomes more prevalent, we have recognized the need for a system that can help organizations, governments and businesses enforce standard safety practices. Our solution harnesses the power of AI and computer vision to identify individuals who aren’t wearing personal protective equipment. By allowing property owners to stay vigilant, this system can help create safer spaces for the community.

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We have been a front-runner in the area of software development for years. Our experts are always looking for ways to develop solutions that can adapt to the changing times. With the advent of social distancing requirements, we have started working on ideas that can help create a safer environment for the community.

What is a face mask detection system?
Face mask detection system uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect people who aren’t wearing face masks. It provides real-time insights and generates alerts to the concerned authorities, so that corrective action can be taken. Every individual is assigned a status of either ‘wearing a mask’ or flagged as ‘not wearing a mask’.





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