How to launch STO token


CoinFactory is an award winning, battle-tested, fully compliant, self-hostable and ultra scalable security and utility token issuance platform. It has already been used by more than 25 ICOs and has raised a total of more than 340 million USD. It also supports token issuance in four different blockchains - Ethereum, Stellar, EOS and Tezos. CoinFactory comes with all the required marketing features to launch a successful ICO. Also, in a time where ICOs find it difficult to raise funds, CoinFactory’s unique but optional milestone feature helps ICOs regain investors' trust. It gives legit ICOs an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the fraudulent ones and attract the right investors. CoinFactory also has a post-ICO investor management platform to facilitate multi-tier investor reporting, KPI tracking and community management.



For Investor On-boarding

CoinFactory offers the most intuitive & user-friendly investor onboarding experience to be a part of your STO & acquire tokens.
  • Two-stage token purchase
  • Supports up to 14 different languages
  • Multiple Sign-up forms
  • Bonus & referral programs
  • Available current exchange rates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Manual as well as automated KYC approval process
  • Accredited investor reviewing
  • Supports more than 12 cryptos with credit card payment facility
  • Paypal & bank wire
  • Supports Airdrop programs
  • Reliable feeds
  • Efficient milestone-based funding
  • Smart investor contracting

For Issuers

Functionality rich admin dashboard to manage & control every aspect of token sale with easy customization option enabled.

  • In-depth reporting & analytics
  • Customized funding plans
  • Complete logging & monitoring options
  • Reliable community management
  • Secure bank transfer & dispute handling facility
  • Syndicated bonus option
  • Whitelisting
  • iPad/Android applications for roadshows
  • Investor smart contact management

Complete Compliance & Security Regulations

Fully compliant with SEC & FCA: built-in features to support security regulatory frameworks.

  • Supports upto 6 KYC/AML providers
  • Investor smart contract management
  • Lock-in periods
  • Regulation A+ support functionality
  • Better OPM support
  • Accredited investor reviewing
  • Private placement memorandum options
  • Regulation D support
  • Regulation S support





CoinFactory is a self hosted, fully functional, end to end token issuance platform to distribute, manage & control trade of utility tokens & security token offerings. Security tokenization helps us to facilitate large fundraising options by enabling crypto investors to cross over from written certifications & transaction intermediaries to the crypto world. This allows tokenized securities to be treated as digital assets during token creation. CoinFactory completely controls the journey of accredited investors from the time of their registration till security token sale & distribution.
SEC, FCA Compliant
Supports Milestone Based Funding
Post ICO Investor Management Platform
Go Live in 2 Days!
Proper investor management with KYC/AML verifications
Accepts 10+ cryptos & FIAT




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