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AMI HR chatbot automates the redundant & mundane communication processes
in your HR department, so that HR managers can focus on more productive works.

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AMI HR chatbot is designed to relieve your HR managers from redundant and mundane works. Built using state-of-the-art machine learning, NLP and NLG technologies, AMI can actively engage with your employees, interview candidates, managers, and executives to serve them with the information they are seeking. The advanced NLP capabilities of AMI enables it to understand even complex queries made by users and it integrates with the HRMS, Management software to fetch the relevant information.

HR Chatbot
Personalized Interactions

AMI’s advanced NLP and NLG facilitates human-like interactions with the user. Messages and exchanges are personalized for each employee.

Multi-channel Integrations

AMI integrates with your HRMS software, project management tools, communication channels to instantaneously fetch the relevant information seeked by the user. It also enable users to easily access the chatbot through the commonly used communication channel. 

Enhanced Employee Experience

By delivering instant information, quickly processing leave requests, form submissions etc, AMI enhances your employee experience by many folds. 


Human resources (HR) is the most important department of any organization, which determines its success. Also, they are perhaps the busiest department of an organization. A well-oiled HR department can enhance the employee experience and accelerate the organization’s growth. Today, most employee’s prime reason to work in an organization is not constrained to monetary satisfaction alone but includes various other factors. Our team have carried out thorough research on these parameters and have come up with a list of commonly used yet ever neglected issues to ensure that the ‘emotional bond’ is kept strengthened between the employees and the organization. Using advanced Machine Learning, NLP and NLG technologies, AMI HR chatbot understands the importance of each ‘value-added services’ and automates the redundant communication tasks of an HR manager. Thereby reducing the operational cost and enhancing the efficiency of the HR department of your organization.


AMI can automate 90% of repetitive and redundant HR tasks and Facilitates instant HR manager responses


AMI can save an average of 3 hours per day for a HR manager. Good 3 hours they get to work towards the success of the organization.


AMI can help your organization to reduce the operational cost for HR department by 60%.

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Your employees no longer need to wait to get a response to their queries from the HR manager. Common processes such as leave application, status inquiry, salary slips, and other forms requests, etc can be handled by AMI through just a chat. Moreover, AMI can conduct feedback analysis to understand the employee happiness level, concerns etc.

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Expediting Recruitments

AMI interacts with recruitment candidates, chat with them to convey the company values, updates news and updates about the interview status, current job openings, basic qualifications tests, upcoming job alerts, collecting email ids for subscriptions, etc. AMI makes the screening process faster and expedites the recruitment process

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Seamless Ticketing

With our smarter HR chatbot AMI, employees are able to check their present leave status, available leaves or even apply for a new leave request. AMI also helps to connect an employee with their concerned department if they face any issue for more effective Turn Around Time(TAT).

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HR Helpdesk

Benefits of AMI

24x7 Assistant

AMI remains connected with employees and work groups 24/7

Instant Responses

AMI eliminates the wait time between asking a question and receiving an answer.


AMI is designed with highest level of security standards to keep your data safe and secure


AMI is highly scalable to your growing business's needs and requirements

Multi Channel Access

AMI can be accessed via multiple channels including web app, mobile app, communication channel integrations such as Telegram, Slack etc


AMI enables analytics data for the executives based on the feedback surveys, employee queries classifications etc





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