Accubits Fellowship Program

We are glad to announce the launch of a new mentorship program called the Accubits Fellowship Program with a mission to identify young talents with innovative ideas, good research aptitude, and futuristic vision and mentor them to pursue their ideas with technological guidance, financial support, facilitating industry exposure and upskill them to think outside the box to solve the problems they see.

The program challenges students to go out of their comfort zones and create something different and unique. In the process, we help them learn new technologies and entrepreneurial skills- crucial elements that are not taught in their current academic curriculum.

Aspiring students can enroll in the program after clearing the screening tests in the first year of their graduation course. Over a period of 4 years, they can work on building up their own ideas with the mentorship of experts from the Accubits family. Apart from the mentorship and guidance, the program also provides financial support for the selected students.

The program framework involves an Accubits Fellow, who will be assigned two Accubits Fellow Partners. These partners will be vetted experts from the Accubits family. They will be in constant contact with the students and will provide advice and help when required. The students will also be constantly exposed to new ideas and techniques that are being developed in the research wing. They will also be assigned to various streams on a rotational basis so that they will be able to understand where their field of interest lies. The program is set to be a pan-state program in Kerala, India that will be rolled out in multiple colleges at different points in time. The benefits offered by the program includes,

∼ Students will get an opportunity to work with industry experts

∼ They will have open-source projects and research publications to their credit

∼ They will have exposure to live projects

∼ Involvement in RnD activities

∼ Students who have their own product idea can develop it with the support of Accubits

∼ Selected students may be provided with stipend/tuition fee

∼ Job offer for interested students

∼ Build leadership and entrepreneurship skills by hosting campus events

∼ Networking with other students, Accubits professionals, and industry leaders

∼ Build interdisciplinary skills such as public speaking and personal branding

The program is designed to provide industry experience to the student community ultimately making them industry leaders in their area of focus. With this idea in mind, Accubits Fellowship Programme would follow an SBP model ( Student Business Partnership ) which will be a one of a kind partnership program where both students as well Accubits will work in tandem, towards upskilling the student’s career trajectory. The program also looks forward to providing assistance to materialize any “out of the box” ideas.