Accubits Joins Metaverse Standards Forum To Help Companies Embrace Metaverse

Accubits join Metaverse Standards Forum — a community of leading standards organizations and companies that foster interoperability standards for an open metaverse. The forum aims to provide a venue for cooperation between standards organizations and companies to accelerate metaverse technology development and implementation through practical, project-based initiatives such as hackathons, implementation prototyping, plugfests, and open-source tooling.  The requirements and interests of the body’s participants will guide its operations and it incorporates various technological fields, including 3D assets and rendering, avatars, identity management, privacy, virtual reality, and augmented reality interfaces.

To analyze the full potential of the metaverse, it must be built on open standards that allow for interoperability and consistency in bringing together different domains. According to a recent Gartner study, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for shopping, education, work, social, and entertainment purposes, and 30% of organizations worldwide will build metaverse-ready products and services by 2026. Interoperability is a critical issue in the early stages of the metaverse industry, and tech titans hope the Metaverse Standards Forum will accelerate the metaverse’s growth and evolution.

Along with Epic Games, Meta, Adobe, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, among additional founding members, Accubits intends to contribute to the creation of an open and inclusive metaverse that allows for the deployment of diverse technologies. Accubits’ expertise in Virtual Reality technology, combined with 3D space modeling, NFT development, and blockchain development, enables us to build sophisticated metaverse applications for businesses that want to remain on the cutting edge.