Accubits Partners with E2E Networks to Democratize Access to Large Language Models for Businesses

Accubits Technologies, a global leader in AI consulting and development services, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with E2E Networks (NSE: E2E), an NSE-Listed AI-First Hyperscaler and India’s top provider of advanced cloud GPUs. The collaboration aims to make Large Language Models (LLMs) more accessible to businesses, enabling them to harness the power of generative AI without the bottleneck of high-performance infrastructure availability.

Accubits has recently open-sourced multiple large language models, trained on advanced cloud GPUs available on E2E Cloud, to help businesses experiment with groundbreaking technology. Their latest offering, GenZ 13B v2, is an instruction fine-tuned LLM, part of the company’s effort to democratize access to LLMs and foundational models. The GenZ-13B v2 models are fine-tuned for superior reasoning, roleplay, and writing capabilities. Early evaluations have positioned this model at the pinnacle of its category. It outperformed ChatGPT in the MT Bench benchmark, registering an impressive 87% accuracy, and showcased results on par with the 70B model of the LLaMa2 chat model. Furthermore, GenZ-13B v2 exhibited better accuracy than other instruction-trained models like Stanford’s Alpaca and Vicuna.

LLMs have the potential to greatly impact society, similar to the industrial revolution and the digital age. However, their true potential is untapped because they are expensive, with only a few big companies and research groups using them. Moreover, organizations are often stuck in lengthy queues, awaiting access to state-of-the-art GPUs like H100 or A100, hindering them from rapidly launching innovations. 

E2E Networks is democratizing access to advanced cloud GPUs and top-notch machine learning frameworks for startups and enterprises via its platform E2E Cloud. Accubits’ goal with GenZ is to create an open-source model as powerful as GPT-4 that focuses on privacy and can work smoothly on mobile devices. The collaboration between Accubits and E2E Networks seeks to alleviate the LLM adoption challenges, paving the way for businesses to venture confidently into generative AI.

Every individual, developer, or business should experience this transformative technology. It shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of the elite. Our partnership with E2E Networks is a monumental stride towards our objective,” stated Charush S Nair, CTO of Accubits Technologies. 

By synergizing Accubits’ pioneering LLMs with E2E Networks’ robust cloud GPU infrastructure, this alliance is poised to usher in a new era of innovation, inclusivity, and widespread application of AI.

About E2E Networks

E2E Networks (NSE: E2E) is an NSE-Listed AI-First Hyperscaler and one of India’s leading cloud services providers, specializing in offering scalable, reliable, and affordable cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes.