Accubits Technologies Launches White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

29 May 2020- Accubits Technologies launched a white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables businesses to launch custom crypto exchange in just a matter of days. The white-label platform, named CoinFactory, is built-in with all the features necessary to launch a fully-fledged crypto exchange.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat money or other digital assets. The white-label platform provides a feature-rich admin dashboard to manage all aspects related to the crypto exchange such as portfolio management, manage withdrawal limits, trading fees, whitelist/blacklist users, create sub-admins, setting anti-money laundering rules, manage activity logs, etc. The exchange’s trading engine supports multiple order types with 5 lakhs order matching per second and 1 million+ throughput. It is also integrated with 5+ liquidity providers and provides various payment channels like PayPal, Stripe, and supports many other payment gateways. Users can trade using fiat currency or other digital assets and to manage the digital assets, the platform provides an exchange wallet, margin wallet, as well as fiat wallet.

“The crypto market is seeing positive results, especially since crypto trading has become legal in India. My companies, trading firms, institutional investors want to seize the opportunity and launch their own crypto exchanges in the market.” Said Mr. Jithin V.G, CEO of Accubits Technologies, adding that “With CoinFactory’s white-label solution, entrepreneurs can launch their own crypto exchange in a matter of days, rather than spend a fortune on building one up from the scratch.”

Security is the most crucial aspect of a crypto exchange. CoinFactory was developed with state of the art security technologies. The entire platform is audited by multiple security agencies and runs over 100+ security tests. The platform uses AES 256 encryption for data in transit and data at rest. The PII data is also encrypted to ensure data integrity. CoinFactory can also incorporate additional encryption standards, based on the requirements. 

It is built with advanced network security features including web application firewall, server hardening, ports management, DOS and DDOS Protection, 2 Factor Authentication, Google authenticator, etc. Users can access the platform from anywhere at any time as the exchange is built for cross-device and cross-platform use and can be accessed from computers, laptops, tablet devices, and mobile devices.

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