Accubits Technologies Partners with Hedera Hashgraph

Accubits Technologies have partnered with Hedera Hashgraph to enable its customers with high-performance DLT applications. Hedera is one of the most used enterprise-grade public networks. Hedera’s proof-of-stake public network, powered by hashgraph consensus, offers the top security with blazing-fast transaction speeds and incredibly low bandwidth consumption. By combining high-throughput, low fees, and finality in seconds, Hedera leads the way for the future of public ledgers.

Adding Hedera Hashgraph to CoinFactory’s arsenal is pretty exciting for us. Unlike Blockchain, Hedera can process thousands of transactions per second, and thus it doesn’t suffer from the speed difficulty. Hashgraph technology provides almost near-perfect efficiency in terms of bandwidth usage and high transaction speed as transactions can be processed in parallel than traditional Blockchain.” – Mr. Rahul A R, CIO and Head of Blockchain at Accubits Technologies.

With the partnership, Accubits adds Hedera to the list of supported distributed ledger technology networks in its product Coinfactory. The partnership facilitates Accubits to enable its customers to launch NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, token issuance, and custom enterprise dApps in the Hedera DLT. Hedera’s 3rd generation public ledger offers 10,000+ transactions per second with an average transaction fee of $0.0001 and transaction confirmation in 3 to 5 seconds. Accubits and Hedera also support selected innovative blockchain projects with technology consultation and project development grants as part of the association.