Accubits Technologies partners with IBREI & ATROMG8

July 4, 2020. Accubits Technologies signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IBREI (Brazilian Institute of Development of International Business Relations) and ATROMG8 for international technology research and development. The main objective of the MoU was that the entities to work together to deliver products and solutions powered by state of the art technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain to help various small and medium-sized businesses to grow and expand to the global market. By creating a decentralized national registry in Brazil, investors and buyers from around the world will be able to easily access relevant information that will allow them to invest in Brazil or tie-up with local organizations to buy products and services.

For us, this partnership is a source of great honor and satisfaction. We are sure that the results of this joint work will bring invaluable benefits to companies and the international market, and that this moment represents a new and great step for the Institute towards compliance. of your institutional goals ” Said Mr. Maurício Prazak, The President of IBREI.

According to the MoU, ATROMG8 is the official partner for Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain technologies. Initially, the organization would focus on building a supply chain management system, a secure data exchange platform, an e-commerce platform, and a classification and review system for investors and customers, who want preliminary information about Brazil-based companies and merchants participating in the e-commerce platform.

Our aim is to empower small businesses with the tools and services they need to compete with the giants and help them expand to the global markets.” Said Mr. Milivoje Batista, Founder of AtromG8.

The organization also aims to create an international standard for blockchain-based certification for quality, sustainability, and finance management. In cooperation with several Fortune 500 partners and prospecting the possibilities of building a decentralized financing platform.

The establishment of the organization can help SMEs access superior data and information for the marketing of their products and services. This can allow them to participate in local and international trade, as well as facilitate with an efficient cross-border economy in order to compete with market giants.” Said Mr. Jithin VG, CEO of Accubits Technologies.


IBREI, the Brazilian Institute of Development of International Business Relations aims to boost new opportunities for alliances between companies and institutions, public and private, from Brazil and other countries. They ensure access to information on markets and local business practices and seek to establish the relationship between companies in the most diverse sectors at the international level. IBREI’s mission is to promote national growth and be a link to communication and relationship between companies at an international level. It is a multinational organization that is represented in more than 20 countries and combines a network of more than 30,000 companies.


ATROM Network is a Switzerland based Blockchain company. The company’s blockchain network, named AtromG8 (pronounced as Atrom gate) is a unique multi-DLT Blockchain landscape powered by the innovative MixNet 5.0. Super Structure built by international experts in different fields of modern technology in order to take the next step of human communication and digital evolution.