Accubits Technologies Partners with INTEL to Accelerate CPU Powered AI

Accubits technologies have partnered with Intel to build highly efficient AI applications using Intel’s AI accelerators. With this partnership, Accubits aims to increase performance and optimize its products and other offerings on Intel-based platforms. As a first step, Accubits migrated one of its core products, Emotyx from a GPU based architecture to Intel’s CPU based architecture. According to the technical head of Emotyx, Intel’s CPU based architecture has increased the computation by 2.7%.

Most of the AI-related applications are computationally heavy and traditionally, solutions and product developers rely on GPU devices. The partnership has enabled Accubits Technologies to accelerate machine vision systems on devices built using Intel’s x86_64 architecture which provides faster, real-time computation as compared to normal GPU based systems. x86-64 supports vastly larger amounts of virtual memory and physical memory than is possible on its 32-bit predecessors, allowing programs to store larger amounts of data in memory. It also expands general-purpose registers and provides numerous other enhancements. The hardware requirements for Intel CPU based systems are cheaper as compared to GPU systems and this enables Accubits to provide its customers with more efficient as well as cheaper solutions.

Using, Intel’s x86_64 architecture, we are getting much better computational performance when compared to the traditional GPU based systems. And this means we can build highly efficient and faster solutions for our customers.” Said Mr. Jithin V.G, CEO of Accubits technologies.

Intel’s AI accelerator is designed for artificial intelligence applications, especially artificial neural networks, computer vision, and machine learning. Prominent applications include algorithms for robotic process automation, real-time video analytics, internet of things and other data-intensive or sensor-driven tasks. Emotyx is an AI-powered real-time video analytics software that uses Intel’s AI accelerator to enable businesses to harness intelligent insights from CCTV videos. It automates security surveillance, customer tracking, crowd analytics, people counting, vehicle counting, facilities tracking, heatmap analytics, etc.