Accubits Technologies to Launch Kerala’s First Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

To support its vision to empower humanity to be as creative as they can be, Accubits Technologies has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research lab to accelerate inventions and innovations in the technology and to push the boundaries of AI. This research lab, named Accubits Invent, is located near Technopark Phase 3 in Trivandrum, Kerala. It will focus on creating new IPs and patents in technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, computational analytics, and Artificial Neural Networks.

Many people still think of  AI as mostly fiction but they don’t realize that AI is actually very prevalent in today’s society. From facial recognition in smartphones to spam filters used by Gmail to AI algorithms used by Facebook to suggest friends, we experience the influence of artificial intelligence all around us every day. But, it is a topic of discussion whether the current advancements in Artificial Intelligence are fast enough to make humanity’s future hassle-free. Accubits Invent was launched to expedite the growth of innovations and inventions happening around AI and related technologies. The team believes that in five years AI would be capable enough to fully augment humans on several tasks and thereby, reduce the number of people required for these tasks. In 10 years, these systems would be able to able to perform these tasks without any human intervention. 

“Our mission is to build a cutting-edge team who can create AI systems capable of automating these jobs,” says Mr. Jithin V.G., CEO of Accubits Technologies and Chairman of the board of Accubits Invent. “More than 93% of the working population today is working on mundane and routine jobs. We believe AI can automate most of these routine jobs over the next five years and people could then be free to focus on more creative jobs which would result in more innovation, more products, more IPs and better solutions to create a sustainable future. State of the art AI technologies is not sophisticated enough to automate these monotonous jobs. Our mission is to push the frontiers of the technology to be able to automate these jobs.”