Cameroon Gov. to use Accubits technologies’ pandemic management system in its efforts to curb covid-19

December 01, 2020 – The Government of Cameroon is all set to launch a pandemic management system in its effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has signed a contract with Accubits Technologies to use the latter’s pandemic management system software. The software named RebuildTheChain enables government agencies to effectively curb the spread of any man-made or natural outbreaks, epidemics or pandemics, to protect the citizens and the social and economic fabric of the country.

The software facilitates an information highway for all the stakeholders to combat the spread of the pandemic. It provides quicker access to localized as well as country-wide information related to the pandemic, such as the direction of spread of the pandemic, potential hot zones, resource management and facilitates a seamless channel for different departments to work together to combat the spread of the pandemic.

According to the special declaration made by the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Joseph Ngute, the government has taken several precautions to fight against the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in Cameroon. The primary measures include the suspension of the entry visas to Cameroon, the closure of Cameroon’s land, air, and sea borders, the closure of public and private training establishments, etc.

Along with other efforts to curb the pandemic, the government aims to use the pandemic management system to implement large-scale and automated contact tracing of citizens, pandemic exposure analysis, spread probability analysis, infection case management, resource management, digital health card facilities and enable citizens to do a basic level self-diagnosis. The country-wide implementation of the pandemic management software will be done after the successful pilot run that is scheduled for early 2021. 

We are extremely pleased to be helping the Cameroonian government ensure the safety of its citizens. In a situation like this, time is of the essence. RebuildTheChain enables health authorities, government agencies, and other stakeholders to effectively work together, providing them real-time and reliable data to build strategies to prevent the spread of the pandemic.” says Jithin V.G, CEO of Accubits Technologies.

The system will have two primary components- a mobile application for citizens and a management portal for different stakeholders like healthcare departments and government agencies. The portal enables patient monitoring and management, GIS Mapping & Analysis of pandemic affected regions, e-curfew pass management to enable restricted travel access, automated route tracking of patients, red zone detection, predicts potential red zones, secure contact tracing, and exposure analysis, resource management and many more functionalities that facilitate different departments to work together with real-time and reliable data.  

RebuildTheChain tracks citizens’ geolocation (using  GPS location data, Bluetooth proximity data, cellular triangulation data) without compromising the data privacy to analyze their exposure to the pandemic red zones, close contact with affected people, etc. The mobile app delivers alerts to users when they are near high-risk locations or patients. A virtual 50 m geofence based on proximity hazards is set up to warn people of the red zones. As soon as a user is located near this area, a notification from the app will pop up as a warning. The app also provides a basic self-diagnosis functionality with daily check-in features to keep a tab on their health conditions.

The platform also facilitates a Digital Health Card functionality that allows governments to implement partial economic lockdown. Digital Health Cards indicate a person’s risk level to be infected. Using digital health cards, people can be granted access to public or private infrastructure based on their health status.