Entrepreneur India Recognizes Accubits as Blockchain Innovator of the Year

Accubits Technologies Inc has been awarded the prestigious title of “Blockchain Innovator of the Year” for 2022 by Entrepreneur India. The award is presented to start-ups that utilize blockchain technology to solve complex real-world banking, health care issues, etc. 

The Entrepreneur seeks to award thinkers, change-makers, and innovators that create the change in today’s society that would positively impact the future. They hope to seek out those that “give us a peek into tomorrow, today and crystal gaze us into the universe ‘we are programmed to receive.” Accubits’ contribution in the Blockchain field is marked as impactful and awarded to recognize its work toward a better tomorrow. 

Being armed with evolving technology and enabling change makers have been the vision of Accubits. With this award, Entrepreneur 2022 recognizes the concrete work towards this and aligns its vision to the same destination.