VerseBooks onboards Accubits as its Blockchain Technology Partner

28 September 2021: VerseBooks onboards Accubits Technologies as its blockchain technology partner. VerseBooks is the music industry’s first social marketplace and community for licensing music compositions, including lyrics, hooks, audio vocals, and master recordings. VerseBooks can be used to acquire, manage, monetize, and market music intellectual property, which anyone can use. Versebooks platform helps artists and songwriters convert music lyrics into NFT for intellectual property. 

Accubits was selected by VerseBooks as a technology partner for blockchain development to support its vision and to build several components in the VerseBooks ecosystem such as VerseWallet, VerseCoin (VSC), and VerseChain. 

“We are revolutionizing the way the music creation process has been traditionally executed to provide an innovation that is driven by the songwriters and artists. VerseBooks is to the music industry what MP3s were to the music industry in terms of its positively disruptive technology which is a key requirement to successfully advance the music industry into the blockchain frontier. As a music artist myself and lead blockchain architectural engineer of the VerseBook ecosystem; it was vitally important to me that we built a SaaS-based platform that targets the needs of music creators while providing an easy-to-use interface. With the current NFT craze, we also wanted to ensure that we developed a strong use case for NFTs that would help music creators protect and monetize their musical intellectual property at the point of creation in a new and unique way. ” Delence A. Sheares Sr.; Co-Founder & CEO of VerseBooks, Inc. stated regarding his team’s overall excitement regarding their Accubits partnership.

VerseBooks allow songwriters to license their lyrics or other works through the smart chain technology making it easier for the writers and the producers or labels to view their work. They use proprietary blockchain technology, VerseChain, as a platform for VerseBooks users to write, register their musical compositions and mint them into NFTs. The NFTs are then made available to artists, songwriters, labels, DJs, and/or producers to be licensed, sold, auctioned, staked, or traded within the VerseBooks NFT marketplace. Users can monetize their creation with VerseCoin (VSC) which is the utility token and governance protocol within the VerseBooks ecosystem.

These NFTs are extremely instrumental for artists to prove and protect their ownership over their work. The chances of unauthorized use and misplacement of music creators’ lyrics are extremely low and the ease of access and use to engage the platform is high. VerseBooks hopes to heighten the music industry to the future with blockchain solutions that are affordable, user friendly, and easily accessible.

“Blockchain tech, especially smart contracts, and NFTs have a lot to offer to the music industry. It can bring a disruption in the industry by adding more value to the individual content creators and artists. Versebooks is on a mission to do the same, and we are so delighted to be their technology partner for blockchain development.” Said Mr. Jithin V.G – CEO, Accubits Technologies. 

About VerseBooks, Inc. dba VerseBooks

VerseBooks, based in the United States, is a music licensing platform powered by NFTs enabling songwriters, artists, and labels to register, license, and monetize lyrics & music compositions using VerseCoin. VerseBooks platform empowers music creators to own and license their music compositions as NFTs, innovating the music industry.