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Solution, Product

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10% Cashback

About Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a suite of automated scheduling tools that helps sales teams automatically schedule appointments with leads. The company’s intelligent concierge product offers a simple way for prospects to book a meeting or start a phone call immediately after submitting a form on their website. It uses smart rules to qualify and distribute leads to the right reps in real-time. Their software also allows companies to automate lead handoff from SDR to AE and book meetings from marketing campaigns and live events

Partner Program Offer

Via Accubits Partner Ecosystem Program, startups, SMEs, and other organizations can get 10% cashback on the subscription fee and can avail of other exclusive offers on Chili Piper’s products. The program also offers free technology consultation for businesses to level up their game.


Beyond a simple booking look, Chili Piper’s Meeting Lifecycle Automation suite and tools are purpose-built to help book meetings faster and make life easier for prospects and customers. It offers,

Chili Piper Product Suite