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About DeskTrack

DeskTrack is an automated time tracking and employer monitoring tool that records desktop activity by keeping track of applications opened, URLs browsed, and files. With DeskTrack, teams can avoid using manual processes for creating project/task timesheets, calculating billable hours for clients, and tracking time to complete projects.

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One-stop solution for the operation team, project managers, and team leads for smooth operational management. This platform helps Enterprises, remote workstations, small businesses, and startups to have seamless operational experience.

About the platform

The DeskTrack platform helps the teams to stay organized and productive. Key features of DeskTrack include URL tracking, application tracking, project tracking in real-time, mail tracking (Outlook and Gmail), desktop screenshots, mobile applications, and additional features. DeskTrack’s automated time tracking module records the actual hours spent on each activity, idle time (when the user is away from the system), meeting hours, projects and tasks, and more.

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DeskTrack connects teams, including remote employees, with work by providing detailed project reports.

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