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20% Discount

About Engagespot

Engagespot helps you to add notifications to your web application. The solution includes a real-time notification feed and offline web push notification. They provide simple SDKs and REST APIs to add notifications to web apps quickly. Engagespot is useful for SaaS companies, Web Applications, and E-Commerce websites to add notification functionality to their web product.

Engagespot platform helps you to get rid of the complexities in building a transactional notification system for your product. Deliver different types of notifications across different channels based on your user’s preference with a single API. The platform is used by 350+ websites around the globe and has delivered over 150M notifications.

Partner Program Offer

Via Accubits Partner Ecosystem Program, startups, SMEs, and other organizations can avail 20% of recurring discount on Engagespot subscription.  The program also offers free technology consultation for businesses to level up their game.


Engagespot is a simple tool that helps you to add a bell icon & real-time notification center to your Web Apps & PWAs.  The notification bell icon is a highly engaging component of any web app. Because it helps your users to read and keep track of all messages/alerts related to your product inside the product itself. With Engagespot, you can send real-time automated messages to users. They will receive the message instantly on the notification center if they are on your website.

They will receive the message as a native browser push notification if they are away from your website. In some use cases for SaaS, the notification center is the best place to list all important alerts and messages that require your user’s immediate attention. It can also be used to send personalized onboarding messages. It can be used to send promotional notifications too.