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About Hava

Hava gives businesses instant visibility of what they’re running in the cloud. Hava uses automation to create real-time interactive diagrams of your existing infrastructure and network topology. You can see your security groups, virtual network infrastructure, resource information, and cost estimates in seconds. Diagnosis of network weaknesses has never been easier. hava.io polls your infrastructure continuously and captures changes that provide you with a version history you can view and interrogate at any time.

Partner Program Offer

Via Accubits Partner Ecosystem Program, startups, SMEs, and other organizations can obtain extended free trials of Hava’s platform and custom pricing for your business.

About the platform

Hava is an AWS, Azure, and GCP diagram automation platform that enables you to create interactive cloud diagrams from different cloud suppliers in minutes. It displays your real-time cloud infrastructure using automated layouts. Hava allows you to view traffic ingress/egress, open ports, and security to see what’s set up and functioning. There is no need for painstaking manual drafting or drag and drop since the system is fully automated. To securely import all your cloud accounts to Hava, you can construct a read-only cross-account role or credentials.

All your diagrams are created using the appropriate AWS, GCP or Azure iconography at the VPC level. All resources and their cost estimates, properties, route tables, connections, and security groups are also made visible in logical security groups with Hava. You can synchronize your profiles automatically on-demand and every hour to visually observe and record changes. Real-time network diagrams can also be exported quickly to PNG, Visio, CSV, JSON, and PDF.

Additionally, you can easily sync and export a diagram of your new infrastructure using the platform API, Terraform or Github integrations or use the diagram viewer code snippets or plug ins to embed live interactive diagrams into your wiki, reports, and presentations using real-time data.