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About NOWNodes

NOWNodes is a Blockchain-as-a-Service that provides access to blockchain nodes and explorers via API. 50+ blockchain networks supported. It offers high-quality infrastructure that is quick, cost-effective, and reliable. It also offers instant access to 40+ blockchain networks including BTC, ETH, and BSC which is over 1000 coins and tokens. The services offers 99.95% uptime and 200,000 transactions per second with a response time of 0.600 Seconds.

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Partner Program Offer

Via Accubits Partner Ecosystem Program, you can avail 5% discount on a monthly subscription which provides access to Full Nodes and Explorers via API. The program also offers free blockchain technology consultation and project scope analysis and development grants from Accubits.


NOWNodes is a turnkey solution that allows anyone to connect to the full node and focus on product/project development. It helps to host full Blockchain nodes available for 45 major networks. It enables the Full-node blockchains for optimal security invalidating and relaying transactions. It offers simple and easy web APIs (REST) enabling developers to build blockchain applications quickly and confidently. NOWNodes architecture allows it to run in multiple data centers for redundancy and low latency.