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Solution, Product

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Flat Discount price + 3 Months free data storage

About Verloop.io

Verloop.io is the world’s leading customer support automation platform. Their state-of-the-art conversational AI helps brands securely scale their support, reduce operational expenses and gain complete visibility into their customer support operations. Verloop.io combines the power of machine learning (ML), automated speech recognition (ASR), and natural language processing (NLP) to transform the way support is delivered. They provide 24×7, instant, real-time support across channels (Web, App, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp.)

More than 5,000 businesses use Verloop.io’s omnichannel and multilingual support automation to deliver delightful support experiences using Voice and Chat AI. Our platform handles more than 100 million unique users with a 90%+ support query deflection. Verloop.io’s support platform helps brands across industries and geographies build better customer relationships through contextual and personalized conversations across customer touchpoints.

Partner Program Offer

Via Accubits Partner Ecosystem Program, startups, SMEs, and other organizations can avail flat discounted pricing structure with a free forever WhatsApp Business account. They offer access to Verloop.io’s proprietary bot builder platform with ready-to-deploy FAQs and Workflow. Along with this, they offer unlimited agent seats and 3 months of data storage to boost your customer support


Verloop enables businesses to deliver delightful Chat + Voice support experiences to their customers on the Web, App, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

  1. 24*7 support; empower your agents by automating routine/ repetitive tasks
  2. Easy channel for your customers to raise tickets
  3. Replicate in-store assistance on the digital platform
  4. Automate FAQs, order management, and account management queries
  5. Allow customers to get their queries answered before they purchase your product for better decision-making and increased sales.
  6. Send payment links, invoices, and also payment reminders to your customers.