Security Token Issuance Platform

Security token issuance platform for greater liquidity through asset tokenization

Now start your own security tokens with the leading security token issuance platform to raise capital investments on better terms & to deepen strategic relationships.

Coinfactory delivers the perfect security token issuance platform to bridge the gap between investors and distributors.

Security token issuance platform delivers a secure way to manage equity, debt, utility & asset backed tokens. A security token offering (STO) is a form of financial security issued in the form of a tokenized digital asset. STO ownership rights are backed by an underlying physical security asset such as company share, bond, property etc. Over the past few years, security tokens has been one of the most federally regulated financial instrument in the business industry due to increasing demand for security token issuance. Compared to initial coin offering (ICO), security token offerings (STO) have very low risk involved due to the federal regulations implemented on it. Moreover, fractional ownership and the ability to trade 24/7 allows us to gain higher liquidity for assets. Unlike traditional financial institutions, STO's doesn't have any middlemen involved. Thus, the processing and execution time are considerably reduced. Based on the installation and setup of a security token issuance platform, they could be even used for trade in the global markets. Security token issuance platform enables large amount investments to be open to all, not just the rich moreover it allows us to diversify our investment strategies. We have our technical operations handled by our team of blockchain experts from our technical offices located at India and UAE. Security token regulations are a way to protect investors from loss in the crypto environment. We develop fully secure security tokens protected by various layers of regulations to protect investor funds. Researches show that the security token market capitalization is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2020. In addition, many top financial banks are looking to raise investments of upto $15 million through security token offerings. Because of the reliability of our security token issuance platform in the blockchain industry, we are coined as one of the best security token issuance platform used by the top fortune 500 companies. We have over 8 years of technological expertise in the field of blockchain development which allows us to offer solutions in custom DApps and smart contracts, crypto token and exchange development, integrated blockchain services and ICO platforms. We have reliably delivered over 500+ projects to over 200 clients all around the globe. Our dedicated blockchain experts had worked with over 70+ industries ranging from automotive to retail industry.

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