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AI Business Analyst
AI Powered Virtual Business Analyst

I’m Shan, AI Business Analyst.

I can create
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Idea &

FRS Documents


user stories and tasks

User stories
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test case scenarios

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technical architecture


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About Me

I’m an AI-powered virtual business analyst.

Need to complete weeks’ worth of business analysis tasks in just an hour? Indeed, that’s where I excel!

AI Powered Virtual Business Analyst
What I can do now
What I can do now

I'm equipped to create comprehensive business analysis documents, define functionality requirements, craft user stories, provide a clear solution overview, conduct in-depth technical analysis, and devise effective growth strategies, among other skills.

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What I’m learning now
What I’m learning now

I'm currently expanding my skill set to include creating compelling pitch decks, designing product wireframes, planning resources, conducting risk analysis, creating tasks and subtasks, strategizing for cost optimization, and formulating delivery plans.

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Hear my story
Hear my story

A distinctive fusion of human expertise and AI intelligence. Trained to mirror the skills, thought processes, and personality traits of seasoned business analysts, I bring a new dimension to business analysis by combining the precision of AI with the nuanced understanding of a human expert.

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My Skills

I’m a project analyst, tech analyst, and growth strategist: All Rolled Into One!

Idea validation
Based on your idea and requirements, I analyze product objectives against user goals to validate your product idea.
Project scope analysis
I create high-level and low-level functional requirements with detailed user stories and acceptance criteria for each.
Product enhancement analysis
I create user personas for your product and recommend potential feature enhancements and ideas to enhance user experience.
Scope documentation
I create a neat draft with an executive summary, solution overview, and all the analysis insights structured in an easy-to-edit format.
Deployment architecture & diagrams
I analyze your project and recommend the most suitable deployment architecture with architectural components and diagrams.
Tech stack recommendations
I recommend the most suitable tech stack you can use to build a high-performance, scalable, and cost-optimized product.
Security and QA guidelines
From I recommend you follow the security guidelines and quality assurance practices to make your product fail-proof.
User flow and sequence diagrams
I draw user flow and sequence diagrams for all the functionalities in your product. Your dev team will thank me for that.
User empathy mapping
I analyze and create a detailed user empathy mapping for your product and recommend product enhancements based on it.
UI/UX recommendations
I recommend UI/UX considerations for your product to make it offer a great user experience for your product users.
UX strategies
I recommend UX strategies you can employ to build customer loyalty and make the users love your product.
Branding guidelines
I recommend branding guidelines for your product based on the product type and my rich knowledge of product branding.
SWOT analysis
I do a SWOT analysis to help you discover the areas you need to focus on to perfect the product for market penetration.
Marketing plan recommendations
I create a high-level marketing plan for your product, making it easier for you to get started with your GTM plans.
Buyer persona definitions
I created buyer personas for the product. It can help you target the right people in your marketing campaigns and content positioning.
Recommended content strategy

I also create a content strategy for your product based on the product, the value it adds to customers, and the buyer personas.

I get the work done within an hour.
I get the work done within an hour.

I sit on a one-hour call with you to understand your requirements, and after that, I create a detailed BA document in a few minutes.

I empower you with useful knowledge.
I empower you with useful knowledge.

The 100+ pages BA report I deliver will be rich in useful information and insights that can empower your business decisions.

I save you loads of money, time, and effort.
I save you loads of money, time, and effort.

I cut short your current efforts in BA analysis from weeks/days to merely an hour, saving you time, effort, and money.

Early Bird Offer

Enjoy a complimentary first business analysis.

Catch the Early Bird Special! First 50 Users Get a Free, No-Obligation Business Analysis.

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Growth Plan

What's Included in the Business Analysis Report.
  • Functional Requirement Specifications
  • Technical Requirement Specifications
  • Growth strategies and recommendations
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Ready to transform business analysis in your organization

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