Reuse of Information

Cut down the redundancies by creating a master data of customers. Use the existing KYC data, documents and due diligence information captured for one business application across all other entities in the organization to save the time and cost.

Easy to use Admin portal

Manage all KYC applications, documents verifications, customer enquiries and corrections requests from elegant and simple to use admin portal. Add sub users to manage and approve KYC applications and much more useful features

Integrated Email services

Use the built in email services to reach out to customers. Onboarding mails, documents verification status mails and registration status mails with easy configuration and tracking.

Easy verification of records

Option for customers to upload multiple verification records for review by the admin. With the intuitive UI, admin can see the document verification requests and verify the uploaded to whitelist or blacklist the customers based on KYC compliances.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate the KYC platform with already existing applications. You don't need to build from scratch to add the KYC functionality to your application. The easy to integrate architecture of Smart KYC helps you to add KYC functionality to already existing applications at ease.

Multiple customer types

The platform support multiple customer types including individual and company accounts. Company accounts can registrations are made more secure using the KYC company profile. The platform provides an easy option to update company details and verification documents.

A few use cases

Blockchain applications

Blockchain applications

Be that a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange, almost every Blockchain application out there needs to have a robust KYC module attached to it preserve uniqueness in user interactions and to establish a fraud free system. With Accubits KYC, you don't have to build a KYC for each application, instead integrate and reuse the same information across every application. This one single platform enables your business to equip all your applications with KYC in a seamless integration process. Lets make your business to keep away all fraud transactions at bay.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions

Know Your Customer or KYC initiative has now emerged as an important focus area for financial institutions. Hefty penalties for non-compliance, challenges in acquiring the “right" customers, emerging digitally empowered competitors, and thinning profit margins are forcing financial institutions to reimagine their KYC programs. AccuKYC helps financial institutions monitor and mitigate fraudulent activities.



Insurance companies need to do a very high due diligence before concluding new contracts. They are obliged to check the customers' and the beneficial owners' identities, to know their economic background and to continually check their business relations for risks. AccuKYC simplifies the process by reusing the information to quickly conclude the contracts. It provides an easy integration with contract conclusion processes and CRM systems