Our Code of Honor 

Every great business idea has a dream, a mission, and a problem that it hopes to solve. And we’ve built our business on the solid foundation of that dream, that mission, and 5 fundamental values that we set up for our work culture MAKE us Accubits. These are the values we live by and these are the values we hope to impart to the community. It is our code of honor. 

What do we hope to achieve? 

Our core purpose is to leverage technology towards enabling 7 Billion Minds to be creative. We want to free humans from everyday mundane and repetitive tasks so that they would use their minds and time to invent, innovate and create technology as well as art. Technology is our tool of choice to change the current world. We want to usher in a new era, the Renaissance of Technology and Art, the next industrial revolution, where the human mind is utilized to the fullest extent. Just imagine a world like that. That is our purpose. 

To be a unified front and to fulfill this mission we need ideas, innovation, creativity, open communication, and open opportunities to seek and find information. These are the values that we understand and implement to reach the mission of 7 Billion Creative Minds. 

Our fundamentals 

Our fundamental core values are our building blocks. We hope to live by these values and showcase them throughout our work. We’ve got five fundamental values: To always pioneer change, to put ideas first, to finish what you started, to collaborate and create and to learn and share. We’re not just saying this to sound idealistic, we actually do implement these values within the company through the work we do here. 

Let’s dive deeper into them: 


Ideas are bulletproof 

Every idea is the work of an individual’s aspirations and deep-rooted ambitions, passion, and knowledge. Every idea is a great idea. Don’t hesitate to showcase your ideas no matter how trivial you think it is. Your unique mind and its perspective ideas might just be the next best thing to happen to us. So go ahead and pitch them. Put your ideas first. We’ll be there to encourage and empower you. In turn, you can inspire the world with your ideas. Some of our biggest successes have come from ideas that were pursued with passion. 

A few years back we had a US-based client who was an automobile sales tools developer. He came to us to find a solution to amp up the falling sale rates at car dealerships. This got us thinking and led to a Hackathon within the company based on the problem brought to us. At its end, we had three products and their prototypes. Salestron, Emotyx and Easyq. Salestron, an IoT-based product was announced as the winner and we got funding commitment from the client. 

But the developers never gave up on Emotyx. They worked on it and made it better and this became one of our core products with clients like Reliance petroleum, ADNEC, SP Jain University lined up for it. Even though the idea was not recognized at first it was relentlessly pursued by the employees. With the right execution, they brought out a revolutionary product. A product where they are now stakeholders.

Another such revolutionary idea is what developed into Rebuild The Chain, a pandemic management solution. During covid, one of our employees had the idea of building a covid awareness app, to help the community understand this new virus. The idea spread and many of our employees brought in ideas to build on the foundation laid for the awareness app. With a lot of collab work from other employees, the idea grew to be a pandemic management system that would help governments get the pandemic under control. Later we had the Government of Cameroon sign a contract with Accubits for our product Rebuild the Chain.

The way we broke out from the conventional methodology for the project management process is yet another story of a good idea. For our project management process, the norm was to use the Agile process model. That’s when one of our employees had a bright idea to improve it and make it more efficient. We put this to the test and found that the method was extremely effective. So we scaled the solution throughout the company. This innovative thinking helped our company perform much better and resulted in faster deliveries. 


Sharing is caring 

Always keep reaching for the better version of yourself, Kaizen every day and help others do the same. If you’ve got expertise on a topic, we encourage you to share your knowledge with others. Set some time apart to guide others and help them improve their understanding of the subject and to improve yourself through the process. 

Go forth and spread some ROI. Yes, ROI is standard for “return on investment” but we’ve got something else in our mind, Return of Innovation. Every day our lives are made easier and smoother through the innovation of some creative geniuses of the past and the present but what do we give back to the community? This is why we believe in the return of innovation. A way to give back to the world innovative solutions that will increase the repository of shared knowledge and bring us closer to the goal of 7 billion creative minds. 

This can include anything from open source projects, code snippets, applications, webinars, public talks, short seminars, articles, white papers, to Vlogs describing up and coming technology topics. Any active contribution to the general information pool comes under the ROI initiative. 

There are a few different ways you can contribute to our RoI. Following are the various types of RoI activities you can contribute to :

  • Publishing new and unique packages to various coding platforms 
  • Developing application modules and releasing them in the Accubits Repo or any other public repository using your Accubits ID
  • Writing and publishing articles about science, technology, innovation, or even personal anecdotes and experiences in a personal blog or the official Accubits blog.
  • Publishing research and thesis papers in journals 
  • Creating knowledge transfer (KT) sessions about any particular technology trend and share it in your personal channel/ Accubits Youtube channel 
  • Hosting talk sessions that may be interactive or non-interactive to share your ideas or findings within the organization as well as externally at public events 
  • Obtaining patents for new and unique product ideas 
  • Resolving or optimizing open issues posted by developers in coding platforms such as Stack Overflow, Code Project, GitHub, Code Ranch, etc 


DM to collab 

Sometimes responsibilities might make you feel a little overwhelmed, but you don’t have to tackle them alone. You can approach anyone at the company and we’d be more than happy to help you out. We hope you extend the same collaborative spirit to your colleagues. Creation isn’t always easy and seeking help can put things into better perspective. Work around blockers without fear. We know you have it in you to collaborate and create something amazing. 

With the power of collective minds, we’ve seen some awesome results. Rebuild the Chain is a good example of this. Even though it started off as a simple idea, the complete product and prototype came about because many poured in their creative ideas which help develop the simple awareness app into something that can help a nation rebuild the chain of the community broken by covid. 

We have something to celebrate the collaborative spirit annually. Since the first hackathon helped us bring to light Emotyx. We launched Accubits Innovation Challenge (AIC) as an annual hackathon to find more innovative solutions to emerging problems. Those two days and nights of the hackathon really bring in cross-departmental collaboration and teamwork. Each year we love seeing the new innovations brought in by a team of dedicated employees. Even takes us back to some college memories. 

Be the change. 

Change isn’t always easy to bring, let alone to act upon it. But we’ve always lived by the value that one must pioneer change. Be at the forefront of revolution when technology grows and don’t hesitate to get creative with your ideas. The change that you dream and hope for, should begin from you. Don’t wait for others to initiate the change. If you feel things should change, then change it. 

We felt that our employees had a positive growth during the initial work-from-home phase. So we took a step towards a change that we pioneered for the well-being of our employees. The change we noticed in them during the pandemic helped us understand the happiness of being near family for some and shifting to new locations to work for others. We hope to break conventions and bring change for the better by allowing our employees to work from anywhere. Home, office, or cabin in the woods (as long you can be connected to us by internet). 

Across enterprises that use closed communications(such as banks), the use of communication through the internet is discouraged for security reasons. Even though blockchain can help transactions in many ways since it operates with the use of the internet this method is dismissed. We felt that a change is necessary to bring innovations closer. Hence we launched ChainSat which facilitates a secure communication channel for enterprise consortium communication by bypassing the use of the internet. 

See it to the end.

Your ideas might be amazing and we want to see you execute them perfectly. Take it upon yourself to finish your responsibility. We’re always here to help you out with anything. We’d love to see to reach your goals, that’s how you grow. But unless you finish the work this growth will remain stagnant. So finish what you started, just get it done. Remember it’s the shallow wells that dry out first.

Our fundamental values have a prominent place at work but our code of honor is much more than written rules, it also has some unwritten practices. One such is that flat hierarchy which helps to have open conversations that spark ideas and establish an open line of communication throughout the company. 

Chai time conversations 

Well if we’re so open to ideas and new innovations how do you communicate that? Are you worried that your idea might fade away somewhere in the chain of command? 

What if you present your idea to the CEO, that solves it right? 

Grab a cup of chai or call up a virtual brainstorm meeting and let us know your awesome ideas. We don’t just preach but rather we practice a flat hierarchy. We want you to feel at home with our family, that means anything from a pizza party to a heart-to-heart conversation. We want you to know that we’re here to help you grow along with your career. 


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