Insights for Financial Institutions

This publication covers the following for business leaders:

Introduction to Generative AI

Applications of Generative AI in Financial Services

Challenges and Risks when implementing Generative AI

Organisation Wide Considerations

Impact of Generative AI in Financial Services

Delivering Generative AI Applications

Developing Generative AI Responsibly

Building Blocks for the Productivity Revolution

Rahul AR Blockchain Expert
Meet the Author

Sathesh Sriskandarajah - Partner @ Accubits Technologies

Sathesh is a Partner at Accubits Technologies and works at the intersection of business and technology. He helps organisations innovate and build tech experiences of the future. He is a thought leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications and impact to the world of business. He has previously authored two globally successful publications in the AI space and continues helping businesses navigate the world of AI.

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