What drives us forward,

We dream of a day where technology relieves us, humans, from mediocrity. And the whole of us think creatively and align in one direction - to be invincible. That's our vision, 7 Billion Creative Minds. We are not just an IT company, we are building up a community of changemakers who want to make an impact in this world.


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Great Place to Work!

The honor of Great Place to Work certification is given to companies whose employees display a high degree of trust in their organization’s practices and take pride in its high-performing culture.


The values we live by,

"The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave. "

Pioneer the change
Learn & share
Collaborate & work
Put ideas first
Finish what is started

01. Pioneer The Change

To reach places you have never been to, you need to create new paths. When the status quo is a bottleneck, we pioneer the change and fly over it.

02. Learn & Share

Innovation is the result of continuous learning and pondering of ideas. The more we learn, the more we share, the more we grow.

03. Collaborate & Work

Because none of us is stronger than all of us. Great collaboration leads to greater results, newer ideas, and faster results.

04. Put Ideas First

We see no seniorities, we see no ranks, we see ideas and the minds behind it.

05. Finish What Is Started

A job half done is no job done. We finish what we started and we aim for perfection.


We always say that Accubits is a family, in a family, we take care of each other. That’s what you should expect here, the care of a family.


Growth in your career is directly proportional to upskilling yourself. We’re always here to encourage your career growth and explore your professional interests.


To help your career-oriented individual growth we’ve set up access to learning platforms like Udemy so you can learn and be amazing at what you love. We also love to foster cross-team learning and to do that we organize inter-team workshops. We hope to foster a learn and share environment by having the company experts and external resources offer knowledge and their expertise on subjects. This helps you get a well-rounded knowledge about the workings of another software and may even find an unexpected treasure of interest in the new knowledge offered to you.


Employee health is paramount to us. We make sure that our family member is well taken care of and hence we have a bunch of initiatives to support this.


We have an in-house general physician for consultation for our employees and family members. In the wake of covid, we also offer 100% covid insurance for employees and free vaccine shots depending on their availability. If you’re already a fitness enthusiast we’d like you to join our fitness challenge or create some of your own to encourage others. We offer reimbursement of gym membership to our employees.


Technology is our tool of choice to change the current world. We want to usher in a new era, the renaissance of technology.

Accubits Innovation Challenge

Accubits Innovation Challenge (AIC) is an annual hackathon event conducted by Accubits to give the tech community a platform to integrate technology and innovation to solve real-world problems.

Accubits Innovation Challenge

Accubits Innovation Challenge is an annual hackathon event conducted by Accubits to give the tech community a platform to integrate technology and innovation to solve real-world problems. The goal of AIC is to recognize the most relevant problems faced by entrepreneurs across different industries and invent solutions. Its an unique opportunity for enthusiasts to come together, collaborate and brainstorm for ideas that can solve daunting problems faced by businesses using cutting-edge technologies.

Accubits Fellowship Program

Accubits Fellowship Programme is a long term skill development and knowledge enhancement program, focused towards enabling the student community to have an opportunity to upskill themselves and gain industry insights.

Accubits Fellowship Program

The focus of the program is to identify young talents with good research aptitude, team attitude and futuristic vision who are willing to explore and engage in multidisciplinary areas of research. The program's objective is to identify young talents with good aptitude and attitude and enabling them to come up with innovative solutions that can benefit humanity. During this programme, the students will be introduced to various technologies and they will be part of various activities including research and product development.

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The values and principles we live by.

Jan 01, 2022

Every great business idea has a dream, a mission, and a problem that it hopes to solve. And we’ve built our business on the solid foundation of that dream, that mission, and 5 fundamental values that we set up for our work culture MAKE us Accubits.

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