AI-powered Attendance Tracker

Accubits developed an AI-powered automated attendance management system for S P Jain School of Global Management, aiming to automate attendance management across its campuses using cutting-edge computer vision technology.


S P Jain School of Global Management is a private business school with campuses in Sydney, Mumbai, Singapore, and Dubai. The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and professional technical courses in business.


In the traditional method of attendance management, faculty members have to manually verify the attendance of their students by calling out names at the end of the class. This can be a very challenging task for higher education institutions, especially business schools. In S.P. Jain, tens of thousands of students are split across various divisions and branches. These students are often clubbed together for lectures. In such a scenario, the manual method of attendance verification proves to be extremely inefficient, as the faculty members do not know the students personally. Detailed manual attendance verification is very time-consuming and takes up valuable time that can be otherwise used for lecturing. Our client wanted to build a solution to automate their attendance management process. The main requirements were listed as follows:

  • Automate attendance recording
  • Integrate with the school management system
  • Real-time attendance reports and data analytics


After evaluating the problems faced by our client, we brainstormed for potential solutions. These solutions included an RFID-based attendance system, biometric-based system, and computer vision-based system.

In order to solve the problem at hand, we built an AI-powered attendance management system that uses cutting-edge computer vision technology. The classrooms in S.P. Jain already have a pre-existing CCTV infrastructure. For the client, we built a customized attendance management system(AMS).

The AMS system was built by customizing the automated attendance tracking feature of Emotyx — an AI-powered real-time video analytics suite launched by Accubits Technologies. The AMS system cycles around cameras inside classrooms to match the faces of students with a database of their schedules to correctly mark the attendance. Teachers can view and review the attendance logs in real-time through a common dashboard.


The system completely automated the process of attendance tracking and helped the management and faculties to save 5-10 minutes from each lecture. In 600 milliseconds, the system can identify and record the attendance of 6 faces from a database of 30K faces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an automated attendance management system?
  • Improved Punctuality: With an automated attendance management system, employees and students can easily record their attendance through automated facial recognition. This process can eliminate delays associated with manual attendance recording and encourage better punctuality.
  • Time-Efficient & Simple: Automated attendance management can save valuable time spent on manually tracking and recording attendance data. The system can also generate attendance reports instantly and efficiently.
  • Accurate & Error-Free: Automated attendance systems eliminate the possibility of manual errors and ensure that the attendance data is always accurate. This accuracy can help prevent any disputes related to attendance and avoid the hassle of correcting inaccurate data.
  • Cost-Effective: Automating attendance tracking can reduce the costs associated with traditional methods. These costs may include paper registers, maintenance, and human resource expenses for managing these records.
  • Data-Driven Insights: An automated attendance management system can provide valuable insights and analytics about employee and student attendance. These insights can help identify trends and patterns, identify areas of improvement, and guide data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhanced Security: Automated attendance management systems can ensure that only authorized individuals can access attendance data. This security can help protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

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Automation of attendance tracking

Integration with the school management system

Advanced facial recognition

Data analytics capabilities

Real-time attendance reports

Technologies Used