Vehicle Counting System

We built a state-of-the-art vehicle counting system using computer vision technology for a leading construction and engineering contractor based in Hong Kong. This innovative solution efficiently detects and tracks every vehicle that enters and exits their business facility, enhancing security and monitoring capabilities.


The client is a prominent construction and engineering contractor based in Hong Kong. They are reputed for delivering high-quality projects throughout China and Southeast Asia. The company focuses on civil, building, foundations, electrical and mechanical, facades, interiors works, and design. 


Traditionally, consignment tracking and logging are carried out by consignment tracking executives, who are responsible for tracking each consignment at regular intervals as it moves from origin to its destination along the suggested route. They coordinate with the truck driver, transport companies, and transport authorities to update real-time information on the system.

However, since all of this is done manually, mistakes are often made. This leads to erroneous information that affects the entire logistics chain. The client wanted to automate this process of consignment tracking and logging to prevent such mistakes from happening. The business requirements put forth by our client were,

  • Count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the premises
  • Detect the number plate and registration number of the vehicle
  • Log the traffic details and visualize them in an intuitive admin dashboard
  • Categorize the vehicles based on make, model, company of the vehicle
  • Raise red alerts for blacklisted vehicle


Based on the business requirements, we developed a system that uses computer vision technology to detect and track all of the vehicles that enter and leave the business facility. The solution was developed with machine learning algorithms that have been trained to recognize and identify the vehicles that move in the facility. The solution was also able to count these vehicles, categorize them based on the make, model, type of the vehicle, and then log them onto a structured database.

The first task undertaken is to calculate the number of vehicles crossing the intersection in each direction.  We built a robust segmentation algorithm that detects foreground pixels corresponding to moving vehicles. The system tracks the object of interest - the vehicles' trajectories to identify its direction of movement. Based on the identified trajectories, vehicles are primarily counted based on their trajectory direction, which is either inward or outward.

The system can detect the vehicle's license plate and recognizes the registration number. It can also recognize the type of vehicle and categorize it according to segments such as two-wheelers, dump trucks, cars, etc. The system was able to count and classify vehicles in real-time with a high level of accuracy (>98%) under different environmental situations such as the presence of shadows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a vehicle counting system for a construction business?
  • Site Planning and Logistics: Construction and engineering projects involve many vehicles, equipment, and personnel. A vehicle counting system helps businesses plan and manage their construction site logistics effectively. It provides real-time data on vehicle movements, allowing businesses to optimize traffic flow, allocate resources efficiently, and prevent congestion or bottlenecks.
  • Safety and Security: Construction sites can be potentially hazardous environments. A vehicle counting solution enhances safety and security by accurately tracking vehicles entering and exiting the site. It helps monitor access points, prevent unauthorized entry, and ensure compliance with safety protocols. Additionally, the system can assist in identifying and resolving any potential safety concerns related to vehicle movements.
  • Equipment and Resource Management: Construction projects require careful management of equipment and resources. A vehicle counting solution provides businesses with accurate data on equipment usage, entry and exit times, and availability. This information enables businesses to optimize equipment allocation, monitor usage patterns, schedule maintenance activities, and prevent theft or misuse of valuable assets.
  • Workflow Optimization: Construction projects often involve multiple teams and subcontractors working simultaneously. A vehicle counting solution facilitates better coordination and workflow optimization by providing insights into vehicle movements and activity patterns. It helps businesses identify inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and allocate resources effectively to maximize productivity.
  • Project Cost Control: Accurate vehicle counting data improves cost control in construction and engineering projects. Businesses can analyze the data to identify areas of excessive vehicle usage, optimize routes, and minimize fuel consumption. By monitoring vehicle movements and project progress, businesses can also ensure the timely completion of milestones and avoid unnecessary delays or penalties.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Construction and engineering businesses must comply with various regulations and reporting requirements. A vehicle counting solution simplifies compliance by automatically capturing vehicle data, entry logs, and exit records. It helps businesses generate accurate reports for auditing purposes, regulatory compliance, and billing verification.
  • Documentation and Accountability: A vehicle counting solution provides a detailed record of vehicle movements and activities. This documentation helps businesses establish accountability for any incidents or disputes on the construction site. It also provides valuable evidence for insurance claims, legal matters, and project documentation.

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