Crypto Exchange Development Guide

What's included in this guide?

Crypto Exchange Feature Listing

Includes the bare minimum functionality needed for a user module, launching a market order, trading window, etc.

Crypto Exchange Technology Stack

Lists down all the recommended blockchain platforms, technology frameworks, infrastructure, Wallet, etc., needed.

Platform Security Measures

It provides insight into the platform security, general security, operational security, etc.

Crypto Exchange Overview

It has all the essential features, functionalities, and the bare minimum modules and extensions needed for the platform.

Process Flow

It even includes the recommended process flow for trading, fund transfer, and wallet transactions.

Development Roadmap

It delivers a high-level platform development roadmap, dependencies, Gantt charts, development functions, etc.

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How to develop a Crypto Exchange

How to develop a Crypto Exchange?

In a fully functional crypto exchange, the users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform would, bare minimum, need one customer module and an admin module.

Crypto Exchange Customer Module

Linking wallets to the platform and trading crypto is the basic functionality of this platform. The platform provides the users with market data and charts to understand the performance of cryptocurrencies.

Admin Module

Admin will be able to monitor the overall functioning of the platform. The admin can manage the customer’s profile and can view the transactions made by the user.

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FAQs & Frequently Missed Questions

Some key questions and answers concerning crypto exchange applications are listed below. I hope you find this helpful.

Our Whitelabel crypto exchange platform offers the fastest time to market. It enables you to launch your crypto exchange in just 15 days. It includes basic branding changes, adding your company logo, changing the color theme according to your branding guidelines. This deployment comes with the base set of exchange features. To add any new functionality, features, or UI/UX changes will take more time, depending on the complexity of the requirements.
We can help you set up the infrastructure needed for deploying the exchange and configure the DevOps. If required, we can also provide consultation on maintaining the infrastructure for maximum financial benefits.
Crypto exchange platforms have multiple options and features for web and mobile apps. The cost, as is evident, is determined by the nature of the project. A decent crypto exchange application could cost between $10K and $60K, and a feature-rich platform could cost between $100k to $250k.
We provide a basic package of support along with the Whitelabel solution. We can address your technical queries and conduct knowledge transfer to your technical team during this period. If you need further technical assistance, we can provide that as well.
Yes, Accubits offers a White label crypto exchange platform, which is as easy to use as a normal e-commerce website. We’ve designed the crypto platform of that the users can buy and trade crypto with ease, and without the confusion of linked wallets or the process of creating metamasks. Launch your own crypto exchange in a matter of days, and at a much lesser cost with our white label crypto exchange platform. Reach out to us today to get a free demo of the platform.

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